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I just knew you were our resident POP! enthusiast. So I thought I’d share. Not that into Batman? :wink:


This popped up in my YouTube feed today…


So is he filming this video while facing his easy-chair/couch? Quite a tastemaker there. :wink:


The brown sofa is part of the channels “brand” (though it has gotten a bit more ratty as the years have gone by).



UK toy people. Looking for some advice. Where do you get your figures from? I’m looking for one of the new Usagi Yojimbo figures (part of the latest TMNT line) and I’m pretty sure it’s been released in the US but I can’t find a UK website that stocks it. Are there any particular websites you’d recommend or should I suck it up and just pay to get one shipped from the states?


Kapow Toys is usually a good site for US imports but they have very few TMNT bits. I can ask in my LCS tomorrow if they’re getting them in, I think they’d be more than willing to ship to the UK


I’d appreciate it if you asked. Thanks Lorcan. I’ve asked at my LCS just now and they said they’ll look in to it for me so no worries if you don’t get a chance to.


I wouldn’t discount it turning up at normal retail, though given the delay in reaching it, I can understand not wanting miss out by waiting.


There’s already a few on ebay for not unreasonable pricing. If you really wanted it.


I asked in the shop today and apparently Usagi hasn’t been offered for sale outside the US yet, and hasn’t shown up with the European distributors they use.


SDCC exclusive in a box with other Hasbro stuff and 90% recycled GI Joe parts, but… the Visionaries figure in 30 years! Huzzah! The stickers for the totem and staff look sweet.


Would it have been that hard to make it a hologram.

Its a nice set. Love the micronauts figures.
And the Rom Joe scale looks solid.

Nice to see Matt Trakker getting some love too.


That’s pretty much the same Trakker they did last time, isn’t it?

I think holograms would have been prohibitively expensive for a short run, one-off figure.


That’s a pretty sweet set, all in all. I wouldn’t buy it, but I like it.


I never had Visionaries toys, but you’ve just reminded me of another similar hologram line that I collected - Supernaturals. They were a bit cheap and naff but I liked them.


I would love to get Leoric from it, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I doubt any future full line would match the style anyway.


$100 for the set is a decent price considering how much there is. I’m wondering that IDW plans are - they must be thinking some of these properties might see a big screen adaption but I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure about IDW in general - I think they’re losing money.


I’ve been expecting Hasbro to buy them for a while, though that may mess with their other licenses.

Hasbro announced a cinematic universe for Joe, MASK, Visionaries and something else (ROM, maybe) a year or two back, but nothing’s come of it yet.