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So yeah, I got Computron. He showed up at Smyth’s for €85 and promptly got discounted to €50, and with a little help from @Mark_Hall I obtained him. This was justified in my mindbrain as €10 for Scrounge, €20 for Afterburnerbreaker, and €20 to get another 4 Transformers.

Lightsp_t_eed is basically Streetwise without a lightbar and a different paint job. Same good figure, but this is the 4th time I’ve gotten this body.

Nosecone is a straight repaint of Brawl, but his waist sticks together than the original. There’s still a big gap if you don’t click the Combiner port down a bit. The drill is the same one that came with Botcon Ramhorn and Drillbison from the Liokaiser set. Which means that it fits into the turret mount point that Brawl’s cannon goes into, and it looks much better there than the official drill tank mode. Not much special here. Also, the drill is the only weapon he has, which is a bit eh.

Scattershot’s robot and torso modes are pretty identical to Silverbolt, but the new wings and nose/cannon are pretty cool. The standalone version has a better colour scheme. I might have to repaint the cannon.

Strafe is much nicer than I expected. He’s a redeco of Air Raid, but the changes give him a nice look. A pleasant surprise but the lack of weapons are a slight frustration.

Afterguy is the only combiner limb type I didn’t have before today, and he’s pretty decent. I like how the bike’s cowling clips into place, and there’s various different ways to clip the arms in for different modes. Nice looking guns too.

Scrounge is a pretty straight repaint and head swap for Cosmos, but a pretty horrible shade of yellow. The photo I posted is very flattering, and I figure I’ll repaint this guy for sure. Trying to figure out how he gets a Targetmaster partner and Strafe gets nothing (OK, I know it’s because Cybaxx is part of Scrounge’s sprue, but still).

Overall, the set is worth getting at a discount. The new hands and feet are decent - the feet have a good heft to them and a ratcheted tilting joint, but while the hands look cool they’re single-piece, no poseability at all.

Also: Gnaw! He’s tiny, he’s adorable, he was on sale in Hamley’s (and sold out everywhere else) Looks awesome in sharkticon mode, robot mode is good but lacks some heft because most of the shark head winds up on the feet.

Also also: Kickback! He’s a legends-sized insecticon, looks pretty decent, but the arms are an annoyance in both modes. they’re weedy in robot and just clip together and hang there in bug mode. Worth getting on the cheap.


I found kickback to be a very dynamic figure. And having given him RID Starscreams “null rays!” Get a fell of John wick from him.

And will concur with Lorcan on his Gnaw assessment. But who cares about his bot mode when he’s a teeny ball of teeth.


Plus more Sharkicons =Fun times.


Got some second hand Duplo off eBay for the child. Sorely tempted to keep this for myself…


I got Masterpiece Hot Rod today! The second one, not the Rodimus Prime one that falls apart. And it’s actually a KO, but as ever, there’s next to no difference to the official release. The flip out visor is the wrong colour, I think (colourless, instead of translucent blue), but he comes with the Matrix, which the official release doesn’t, apparently? So swings and roundabouts.

(Also, his bio card does call him a “Cybertron Medic”, rather than Cybertron Cavalier as per the box and the instructions say “More Than Meets The Eve” in the logo. But the box is much closer to the official design than the last few I’ve had, even using the proper Takara logo instead of “Tasaka Tony”).

He’s a cool figure. Nice chunky calves to balance his thin thighs and huge chest. Good transformation, which is surprisingly simple in places. Very good poseability.

I do have a slightly odd issue though. Not with the figure, but with my purchase of him. See, I ordered one off an eBay seller who had great feedback, but within a few weeks of my order, was deluged with negatives, where he’d not fulfilled orders or just sent beads (which is weirdly common for scamming Chinese eBay sellers). So I wrote that off, figured I’d get my money back when the delivery window closed and nothing arrived. Ordered the figure from another seller, who’s had no problems. The figure arrived today, but there’s no packing slip included and nothing on the packaging to say who sent it (it’s got a UK PO box return address, for a parcel forwarding company). I’d assume it’s from the second seller, except the first seller now has some recent positive feedback from someone having bought the same item. So I don’t know whether the first guy did totally scam me and this is from the second seller, or whether I’ve got another Hot Rod on the way.


Does anyone know what these are for?


Create the world, obviously


For my kids!

They must have got through about 40 packs of them by now.

You can get an album for them and everything.


We even got a David Cameron card in one of the most recent packs.


But you just stick them in an album? It’s not part of a game or anything?


As far as I know the only game is swapping them with your friends, just like any stickers.


Thank you :expressionless:



This article is a bit puffy, but it’s a decent rundown of the history of Lego and how it built itself into the company it is today.


This pic of the new MP Sunstreaker is rather amusing:


He’s committed to the role!

The new mps are lovely.
But not feeling that Dinobot.

Wheres Megatron and Waspinator you dicks?


As I understand it, they’re not going to do MPs of the Beast Wars characters who got Generations toys - so no Rhinox, Rattrap or Waspinator.


Yeah, Takara were pretty heavily promoting their Legends figures alongside Primal when he launched.

I reckon we’ll maybe get an MP Airrazor and Silverbolt (along with more repaints and minor retools of the exiting ones, so Burning Convey, Tigatron, Shadow Panther/Ravage, Grimlock, toy accurate paint scheme Dinobot) and then Preds. Hopefully.

I think Dinobot looks good, but I’ll wait til I see it finished before getting too excited (or down) on it. I was flip-flopping on Primal with literally every picture that came out in his development and it turned out great.


I bought some deck chairs today.

2 euro well spent.


Look, @Bruce! Funko has announced their SDCC exclusives. :wink: