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The Toy Thread


That’s not Scoop. This is Scoop:


I think you’ll find this is Scoop.


Everyone knows this is Scoop







This your collection Al?
Would never have pegged you as a darkness fan!


He believes in a thing called love


LEGO Unveils Latest DC Comics Themed Building Sets


I’m bummed that funko’s Game of Thrones 3.75" action figure line wasn’t shown at all. I hope it hasn’t been cancelled.



Four Horsemen Studios have made some of the best action figures in history, and they have a current Kickstarter for their Mythic Legions line that’s about to expire. Some of the figures are really great:


Those are Hot Toys level of gorgeous. I’m not going to buy them (I spent a lot on robots this month!), but they are gorgeous.


The secondary market prices are insane as they only have specific windows when they’re available. For example, that Knight Builder set is $50 on the Kickstarter, but will fetch over $100 on EBay 2 months are they’re delivered. The figures are modular too, so swapping heads or arms and armor is super easy. They’re really the best line of figures I’ve seen so I wish the 4H the best with the line.


I really like the statues from Sideshow Collectibles and others but they are only statues.

Knowing me, I would buy it, have it around the room, and get tired of it quickly.

What to do…


Not buy it seems the best option!


This is exactly like that time I bought all those groceries but didn’t have enough room in the crisper for the lettuce.


So you’re saying Al should buy the statues and then eat them as quickly as possible?


I mean, yes, this should be so obvious.

The statutes, aside from being very good likenesses of the characters, they’re high in iron.