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The Toy Thread


I am beyond thrilled about the Twin Peaks figures. I like POP!s, but I’m a lot more excited about the action figures. The prototypes look killer.


Thanks for the reminder, I was thinking of torturing you with the fiction related to that… and the poll, don’t forget the poll.


One of the most precious comic-related things i Have.
Batmankof! (Patent Pending) from Red Son, By Dave Johnson and the Boss Himself.

Ah, It´s also signed by Johnson.


I want the Dale Cooper funko-pop for my desk.


I’ve been making Christmas ornamens out of POP!s. They work out pretty well.


It’s time to take the tree down, @simongallup1


But Christmas was just the other day!


These LEGO Batman movie blind bag minifigs are a lot of fun!


I need to get me some of those.


My local shop just got these in - I hadn’t seen these GotG Titans before.

The Titan 12-inch series is a pretty decent set of basic but large figures that are suitable for young kids (you can ignore the ‘4+’ - we have several at home and they’re chunky enough that they’re no real danger at any age).

@Jim, if you hadn’t seen these yet (unlikely I know), they might be up Finn’s alley. :slight_smile:


I feel like I need this in my life.

I’m not as fussed about the others (Don as Undertaker, Raph as Sting and Leo as everyone’s favourite, John Cena). I hope they do another set of them. Someone in the comments on Dino Drac (where I got that picture) said they should do April as Miss Elizabeth, which is a good idea.


Why is Don the undertaker. That should have been Raphael.


I think it’s just because Don’s purple bandanna matches the purple in Undertaker’s mid-90s outfit.



So the Twin Peaks figures are also being released in a 4 pack, and I think that’s the only way to get Cooper with his coffee and tape recorder and Log Lady with her log. I preordered it from Big Bad Toy Store and cancelled my preorders for the individual figures. Edit: Just got an email saying that the individual figures have been cancelled, so these are only available as a box set.


This is a long shot, but does anyone out there own this figure and a DC Universe Classics Batman figure? I’m thinking of buying this Robin and standing it next to my DCUC Batman, but I don’t want it to be taller than Batman. So if anyone has both of then and can do a comparison for me, I’d really appreciate it.


I saw the the Lego Batman Movie last night and if you saw it in 3D, you got a special Lego set:



I would like this only for a little while though. It is just a sculpture…