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That’d be cool if he’s brought back!

I went to a comics panel/expo back in August and Stan Sakai was the keynote speaker. He mentioned that the new TMNT will be bringing Usagi back! So, keep your eyes out!


Today I learned there’s a Transformer called “Groundbutter”. Groundbutter! It sounds like a euphemism for dog crap on the street. “Oh darn, I’ve stood in some ground butter”.


Do you mean Groundbuster?


I guess so, I just saw a picture of his instructions:


“I can’t believe it’s not Groundbutter”


Upcoming Titans Return Chase (with new name).


The first person to recreate Spotlight: Metroplex in toy form gets a prize


Found an alt head mode for Mindwipe!

He’s a great robot. Solid frame. Lovely colors. Great articulation. The wings framing him really work well.
His head is a beaut of a cast! The legs changing from his Bat wings is very well done.
Even his gun is great.

His Alt mode however is a different story! As a bat he’s just a horrible lump.
No real~Movement outside the bat wings. Looks ok at a distance. But not a fan of it. Which is a shame after the great robot mode.
He’s also the first of the Titans returns who’s transformation dosn’t feel very Gweeny!


found this at local B&N, went to trade in used books and ended up getting this for free. very happy


I found these online and am contemplating picking them up. Anybody here have these? I think Gazelle is either coming out or just came out. The PopToys Galahad is nicer than the other one, but he does come with an open umbrella. Still researching.


He looks to be a stonking figure.
Think it was a wise purchase.



We had a Lego Day today. I don’t think my kids have cottoned on yet that I enjoy Lego days even more than they do.

Anyway, my son asked if we could build a big Batmobile, so I raided the Lego box for as many black bricks as I could find.


Great work Guys!

Also you could have used some really really Dark Grey pieces as well.
For future builds!



That’s a really great Batmobile.


Thanks all.

What he really wants is a Batmobile that transforms into a Batplane (I made the mistake of showing him some Jim Lee art from those early issues of All-Star Batman and he loves the idea). I’ve tried to work out a prototype but I don’t think my Lego skills are quite there yet. :slight_smile:


The Laura Palmer one :open_mouth:



So yeah, I’ve been grabbing various Titans Return toys over the last few months, and not posted about them!

Scourge Was the first TR Deluxe I picked up, and I think I’d rather have gotten the Generations one, but eh, this one was cheaper. And he’s pretty decent. I appreciate that here’s no robot bits visible in vehicle mode (even though it’s a flying bathtub), that you can mount his head on top of the cockpit to emulate that one bit in the movie where his head pops up, and the guns are decent. Not a bad figure at all.

Blurr Was another one that I’d have rathered get the generations of, but while I still kinda feel like I compromised on Scourge, I really like Blurr. He evokes the G1 toy very well, has great poseability, I like that you can stow his shield on his back (evoking the back kibble of the G1 toy), and in silly features, you can stow a head in the cockpit in Robot mode, making Anrim Zolabot

Skullguy is a great figure with awful QC. Really nice robot mode, great transformation and a fun alt mode. I like that you can mount his gun as a literal chin turret or stow it in the tail in croc mode.

That tail/shield is a bit of an albatross in robot mode though. It’s kinda awkward to mount as a shield, but it’s also a pretty huge gun (I’ve taken to leaving the gun as the tip of the tail and presenting it as a heavy weapon.

Hardhead Is my favourite of Wave 1’s Deluxes. He looks great in both modes, has a nice transformation, his shoulder gun is not as awkward as other titan master vehicles/weapons, having a hatch to hide the cockpit is a big part of that and a nice touch. His rifle is one of my favourite TF weapons in a long time just because it has a stock!

Chromedome was probably my most anticipated figure and I really really like him. Great robot mode, using the transform mechanisms that were pioneered in Combiner Wars worked really well, especially combined with the way the windshield peels away like RiD Drift amongst other bots. My main complaint is that his big gun is very flat in order to give his titan master a place to sit. The whole scooter/toboggan weapon thing generally doesn’t work and this is one of the big offenders

Highbrow is an extensive redeco of Scourge, and I far prefer it to the original. A great reproduction of the original character, and even though the transformation is basically fold some bits and lie down, he looks great in both modes! The paired maxim gun looking weapons are great, and I like that they combine, meaning the stupid big seat is split between the two weapons and as a result they have a decent amount of bulk each.

Wolfwire might be my favourite figure so far, or a close second at worst. I can’t emphasise how much I love the look of him in both modes, great poseability, some really cool things to change the silhouette between robot and wolf modes, including his torso elongating. The cockpit space is great, and you can possibly seat two pilots in there. The weapons are great too - a great big cannon with a well-hidden space for the titan master to sit (I prefer to mount this on his shoulder than in his hand) and a sword that can be mounted/sheathed on his hips

Mindwipe Like @Mark_Hall, I found this guy frustrating. The robot mode is fantastic, and the transformation is really interesting, but the bat mode doesn’t quite work. I’m glad Hasbro did this figure because experimentation is always welcome, but it doesn’t quite work out. I do like the shield/weapon/sled thing though.

Megatron, like the other Voyagers is a case of great robot, one decent alt mode (in this case tank) and one middling one (in this case plane). I love, love love that robot and he looks phenomenally like OG Megs. The tank mode has some great touches, but some frustrations like the plane engines and tail fins being visible, that you have to split the gun in two - with the front half becoming the tank cannon, and the back half can only be mounted right on top of the cannon - but almost every other TR figure has a few mount points! Even the fighter mode has a second mount point for that part of the gun, but it’s pretty awkward…