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The Toy Thread


Got me a M.A.S.K sized Warmachine tesco for a fiver I suppose the Falcon can play too.



That batmobile is huge. And great looking. A few of the batfans I know picked them up.
Failed to convince them to use them as a skateboard.


I’m sure my wife just loves it, but lately I’ve been picking up a few TMNT toys from the late 80s/ early 90s my brother and I had as kids. Our mom sold our collection at a garage sale years ago. I found Sergeant Bananas at a Goodwill for a dollar the other day (no weapons/accessories) and recently picked up a complete (not boxed) Usagi Yojimbo and Samurai Leonardo. They now adorn my comics shelves!

Any other TMNT collectors out there?


I got Hot Rod and Doublecross yesterday. They’re both pretty great, but this is the internet and if the internet has taught us anything it’s that two things cannot be equally good. So let’s break this down.

Alt mode

Hot Rod’s alt mode is a nice update of his original design. It has a few issues with panel gapping and not fitting together as securely as it could though.
Doublecross is a two-headed bipedal dragon
Winner: Doublecross

Alt mode weapon integration

Doublecross’s two rifles combine and store on his back as armaments, doubling as a sort of cockpit for a Titanmaster if he lies on his front, like some kind of two-headed dragon sledge.
Hot Rod’s guns combine and can sit in his engine block like that. Hmm
Winner: Doublecross

Alt mode Titan Master integration
Hot Rod’s canopy opens and allows a Titan Master to sit securely inside. Simple, elegant.

Doublecross’ chest opens to reveal a throne that a Titan Master can sit on.

Winner: Doublecross

Titan Masters
Hot Rod’s Titan Master is a boring grey guy.
Doublecross’s Titan Master is a robotic bipedal lion with an eyepatch, based on the Battle Beast Pirate Lion, homaging an episode of the Japanese-exclusive Headmasters cartoon.

(They’re both very hard to photograph on a phone).
Winner: Doublecross

Robot modes
Hot Rod has a good robot mode. Bit loose on the hips (easily fixable) but nicely articulated.

Doublecross has a really solid robot mode where his dragon heads become his hands!

Winner: Doublecross

Hot Rod has two rifles, which can combine. He can hold them in his hands.

Doublecross has two rifles which tab into his shoulders, because he can’t really hold them given HIS HANDS ARE DRAGON HEADS!

Winner: Doublecross

Overall winner: Doublecross

(If I’m being totally honest, I could live with a bit more articulation on Doublecross’ hands and arms, as it can be a bit hard to pose them well for maximum mirth about them being dragon heads.)


As a child I had so much TMNT stuff.
A fair chuck was lost to the ravages of childhood.

But I gave what I had left to a mate who’s a series 80’s collector. To help him patch some holesof missing bits.

this is the only pic I have of his collection.
But they’ve been fun to play about with so many memorys.

Are you watching the current TMNT seris @BeardedBetts?


Nice, I gave my son all of my original TMNT figures because we’d been forced to move this past summer after our place was sold from under us. He was so mature about the whole thing despite having his summer destroyed that I forked over my whole line to him as a reward. Why my son is so wonderful is he knew I had met Stan Sakai and raved what a gentleman he is. I always loved Usagi Yojimbo, so that beautiful boy of mine gave me my Usagi figure back. Usagi is in a place of honor inside my glass cases.


I saw a suggestion the other day that the modern Turtles line is going to do an Usagi figure as part of a samurai sub-line.


That’s awesome! I recognize Fugitoid and Mondo Gecko. We had both of those growing up…I think I still have Fugitoid somewhere, but his chest piece and accessories are long gone.

I’m not current on the TMNT series, but I’ve been meaning to grab some hardcovers and start reading them.


I’m surprised he hasn’t appeared in the show yet. They’ve had a ton of characthers pop up.


The IDW stuff has been fun. But the Nickslide cartoon has been a beautiful story. I ended up watching season 1 with the nephews one weekend.
And finished off the later seasons on my own time.

It’s akin to the Transformers prime cartoon. It’s serves both young and old fans.


I saw the cross-over with the 80s Turtles the other day. Hit all the same notes as Turtles Forever but was a lot of fun and I liked how they showed the comic verse.


Funny enough, I gave my son my original version of the Animated Series Batmobile. Mine doesn’t have a shining Bat signal, though! Woot!


More light might help.
And panelline to break them up a little.
My heads are on my to do list.


I’m tempted to patch the eye-patch on Pirate Lion, but given the head is the connecting piece, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t wear off.



Was a pain to get the legs to snap together (to the point that I was worried about breaking bits pushing them together). But I like the alt mode and the robot mode. Was surprised by all the light-piping on the head.


But it’s close, right?


As close as a sports car can be to a two headed bipedal dragons.


I get ya.

… It was a pity vote because of his freakish double heads.


They’re both Headmasters though