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If you want decent looking toys but don’t want to risk a ton of cash, the modern G1-styled figures (branded as Transformers: Generations) are generally very good. You could easily put together almost the entire movie cast for not much money.


I agree with everything’s Lorcan said, but would add, if you’re going for a Hot Rod/Rodimus Masterpiece, go for the newer, simpler Hot Rod one, rather than the earlier Rodimus Prime one. That has a litany of quality control issues.

Generations is good for a smaller budget, if you don’t mind the odd gimmick being thrown in. There’s a new, fairly decent looking Hot Rod, out in the next few months, but his head turns into a smaller dude.


The Masterpeices are really good quality, but they get pricey and they’re quite large. Honestly many of the modern toys are really great at all price points. Someone like Optimus Prime has maybe 100 different figures at this point, all shapes and sizes. I have one from 2007 that sits on my desk - a little $20 guy that looks the part and is everything I want.

The Transformers Generations line is maybe your best bet. Loads of different characters, low price points. They have a Galvatron, a Hot rod and so on. Just right for scratching the itch maybe.


[quote=“Jim, post:503, topic:42, full:true”]
Honestly many of the modern toys are really great at all price points. Someone like Optimus Prime has maybe 100 different figures at this point, all shapes and sizes.[/quote]
I’ve found this too. I’m not a collector or an expert but I pick one up for my kids every once in a while, and even the cheaper and smaller ones are decent - the Rescue Bots were good for toddler-age, and after they grew out of them the RID 1-step and 3-step changers have been good too.


Damn the new Masterpiece Megatron looks great.


Check this out -


@Mike - I have ordered this for Matthew for Christmas, so cheap, was £30 when it came out -


That is so cool!


Has thunderbird been updated?
Causes that’s a nice streamlined carrier.


Not only is there a new Thunderbirds show, but Shoji Kawamori designed one of the vehicles for it!


Yep, Thunderbirds Are Go is fantastic. Use a mix of models and cgi from Weta.


Bites tongue

mmph mmph mphhh

mumble mumble rubbish mumble


Ahhh :slight_smile:


They’re barely any different! Could be a lot worse.


Don’t you dare diss Thunderbirds 2089. Don’t you fucking dare.


I’m not dissing it, just showing David that there are much bigger changes that could be made to Thunderbird 2 than just the colour of the jets and a bit of boxiness.


OK, I’m not going to ban you now, but my mouse is still hovering around the button.


In a way, it’s the smallness of the change that’s the problem. I mean, why bother?

I actually don’t mind the new designs. They mostly look good, barring one or two weird design decisions. I just don’t get change-for-the-sake-of-change.


Probably to stop parents from just digging out their old Thunderbirds merch for their kids instead of buying new stuff. < /cynicism >


Wave 3 deluxes from Titans Return (that’s Getaway, Triggerhappy, Hot Rod and Doublecross) are turning up in TRUs and other shops. They’re currently on the Entertainer’s website for £13.33 each, which is handy. That’s not the site that’s of use to our Irish brethren though, is it? (I always get The Entertainer and Smyths mixed up).

Oh and I forgot to mention a couple of days ago that deluxe CW Groove was cheap on I snagged one for £18 posted.


The Entertainer doesn’t ship to Ireland, but Parcel Motel works fine with them