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I haven’t had a look for a couple of weeks, but I may take you up on that if I crap out a few more times.


My Masterpiece Optimus Primal arrived this afternoon!

First impression: I love it! It has more faces than I expected (three gorilla, four robot) and they show a nice range of emotions. He’s very posable. The build quality is great and the transformation isn’t too fiddly, once you work out how the bits move (would probably be easier if I could read Japanese instructions).
The light-up eyes are cool. It lasts for about 10 seconds per press, though it’s been a bit inconsistent (not sure if that’s because I’ve used cheap batteries or not). The lights flicker and ebb out (again, possibly due to batteries) like he’s dying, which is, er, interesting.
I got the Asian exclusive die-cast mace, which comes in a sweet cardboard imitation banana crate. The mace is dead on for the original, but relatively heavy.


He does look great. But I beat the MP bug with Hot rod.
Now if they’d made a megatron we might be having a different conversation. YESSSSSS!


Played about with Lorcans skylynx and scourge.
Both nice figures.


We’re see-sawing. I’ve been ambivalent about MPs for ages but am now really keen to get more: the new Hot Rod, Road Rage definitely, probably the upcoming Cheetor (especially after just looking at the CHUG one for the first time in a while - it does not stack up). I really hope there is a BW Megs coming. Hell, I’d buy whole cast of the show in MP format.

Except Tigerhawk. Never Tigerhawk.


“What did we ever do to you?”


I want to caption a screenshot of Tigerhawk with Plottus Deviceus, like a Road Runner cartoon.

I hate all the TM2 designs on the show (though Megs’ kinda worked on Beast Machines, weirdly).


In Tigerhawk’s defence, the production team for the cartoon were told at the last possible moment that they had to add them to the show to promote the toy. Oddly, this did not go down well with the writers.


All of season 3 feels like that to me. I only got to see the first half of it as a kid (on VHS) and didn’t see it in its entirety until maybe 2010, when I got the DVDs. It really didn’t meet the hype of being the best season of the show. Perceived wisdom seems to be each is better than the last, but I’d say 3 is the weakest, because it’s so much a slave to toy promotion synergy, then season 1 in the middle and 2 is the best.


So I know what you’re all thinking. “Hey Lorcan, Transformers are all well and good, but it’s been ages since you posted anything about fancy Macross toys”

I have heard your plight, and I recently got another VF-1, this time Roy Fokker’s VF-1S from Do You Remember Love.

For the most part, the toy is identical to the VF-1J I got back in 2015, the main differences being the head and the decoration. The transform and poseability are identical, but with this being a movie figure the pilot has the bulkier spacesuits seen there rather than the tight jumpsuits of the TV series, and the extra hands are squared instead of round.

The big difference here is while the VF-1J came with the armoured parts seen occasionally in the show, this 1S comes with the Super/Strike parts (AKA FAST Packs) which were prominently seen in DYRL and in later episodes of the TV show

In the show, FAST Packs are add-ons to the VF-1 which give it increased manoeuvrability and firepower in space, at the cost of aerodynamics (which are, of course pointless), and this fluff is shown in the design of the packs, with two large boosters on the back and numerous vernier thrusters dotted around the packs. The arm vambraces each have a pair of missiles, and the backpack can either mounr a pair of missile launchers (the “Super” configuration or a missile launcher and a double-barreled cannon (the “Strike” one). In a nice touch, the armoured housings for the leg and back packs are removable, showing the mechanical details within. And you can take kickass photos of the Valkyrie’s full war load

There’s more missiles in with this version of the VF-1 as well, 6 reaction missiles, allowing you to recreate the movie and TV underwing ordnance options for the Super and Strike.

I love that you can remove the housing for the backpack missiles and count the full 20 rounds carried within. Of course, on the old 1/48 scale you could remove each missile, but that’s probably going too far?

Unlike the Armoured Valkyrie, the Super can transform, allowing for nice GERWALK mode moments like this

And Battroid mode ones like this:

Having a TV-style Hikaru pilot figure, I couldn’t not fit the Valkyrie out as to how he flew it in episodes 24 and 25. (Macross pedants will note that the TV Super Valkyrie had different vambraces to the movie one. I care so much)

And a few more photos for fun!

And when you think you need more missiles and lasers, the armoured strike valkyrie!


Oh, cool! Jetfire! :wink:


Yeah, I should have mentioned that the original VF-1S toy was used as Jetfire


Somewhere in the old house, I have Jetfire.


No Todd. That’s a Phoenix Hawk!


It’s a Phoenix Hawk LAM, it’s got the large laser in the right torso


TR Hardhead, Scourge and Skullwhatsit (Crusher? Cruncher? I can never remember) are all under $10 on at the moment, which with international postage works out to about £13 odd. Handy if you’re still looking for any of those guys.



David Willis reviews Liokaiser, who’s an Entertainment Earth exclusive. The review includes a discount code that also nets you some extra bits, if anyone’s interested


A guy I know on another board found Liokaiser on clearance (or cheap anyway) for $60 odd in a Walgreens, which has me hoping they may end up in B&M or TKMaxx over here at some point.


Apparently TK Maxx in the US has been getting G2 Menasor sets, which I’m meh on, but I’d totally pick up Victorion or Computron for cheap.