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I picked him up partially to make the trip worthwhile, I would have dropped him in favour of Hardhead, had TRU had any, but alas he was the only Wave 1 Deluxe they were missing.

They had lots of the individual Titan Masters and at £6 a pop, I just couldn’t muster the interest. Spare heads is nice concept, but in execution it’s a little lacking. The Repugnus one revealed at NYCC Preview last night looks pretty great though, as it recreates his alt-mode brilliantly.


I’ve not seen the individual heads on sale here, and wouldn’t even have Nightbeat’s if it didn’t come with Japanese rewind. They have legends Shockwave in my LCS and he’s got a headmaster packaged with him as well, and apparently it can sit on the back of gun mode? I intend to try this out


No apprently about it.

Also Hardhead is pretty boss.


I can’t get over how good Doublecross looks.


I can’t figure out who they’ll redo him as. Can’t be Hungary.


Maybe Sinnertwin/Twinstrike?


He’s a retooling of Mindwipe, isn’t he? I’ve not had a good look at Mindwipe, so I can’t tell for certain, but they seem to have the same beast mode lower half.

Speaking of Doublecross, his Headmaster is Pirate Lion from Battle Beasts!

I love this. Talk about fan service.

Perceptor looks a lot better in the promo renders than he did in the purple preview event.


Oh and surprising no-one, Takara’s redecoing Alpha Lion as Lio Convoy.


That battle beast touch is great.

Did we all see the Six inch Deaths head II announced?

Hardhead passed the Jackhammer test.

The Vehicon withdrew any notion he was cheating.

Skullcruncher not so much

Shoddy shoddy hips.

Vehicon had a bit of fun with him thou.


I used some clear nail varnish on Skullcruncher’s joints and they’ve tightened up nicely (except the knee, which is too enclosed to paint).


Don’t know if that would have helped as he just slowly sank after putting Jackhammer on him.


The old green croc he ain’t what he used to be, ain’t he used to be, ain’t what he used to be


May have just ordered a Masterpiece Star Saber off eBay. £50 from a Chinese seller (so may be a KO, but the MP KOs are pretty good anyway and that seller is good about noting which are KOs), too cheap to resist.

MP Optimus Primal should be arriving next week as well. Yay!


TK Maxx have CW Onslaughts, Sky Lynxes and TR Blasters and PM Optimus filtering into branches at half price. Pretty astounding for the TR Leaders given they’re still at proper retail.

I managed to snag an Onslaught today. Nice figure. Not mind-blowing, but solid and an impressive mould share with Hot Spot. It is a shame that to have his iconic rear cannon bits, you have to deprive him of having a weapon to hold. I’ve got him in torso mode atm and a bit of loose connection on one shoulder aside, it’s very good. Lovely colours and Bruticus’s head is sweet. Guess I’d better get some limbs for him now.


The Combaticons are fairly sweet, but I far prefer the Takara ones to the Hasbro ones. Vortex even has a 4-blade rotor as opposed to the 2-blade one every other Alpha Bravo redeco has.


I don’t think that MP Star Saber I ordered is turning up.Today is the outside of the delivery estimate. The tracking code I was given still doesn’t work. I was just checking up on eBay and the seller’s feedback (which was really good when I ordered) is now filled with negatives from other people who have bought Transformers and instead received crappy bracelets instead. :unamused:

On the upside, Titans Return is apparently reduced in Smyths, with deluxes down to £12.50. Might go buy one or four when I get this Star Saber money refunded.


I suggest blur and Hardhead.
Great figures.

skullcrusher only if you like the characther.
And passed on scourge.


What @Lorcan_Nagle said. But I got the Euro release.
Great figs all around on the CW front.


I’ve got Skullwhatsit and Highbrow so far. Skull definitely benefitted from some limb tightening varnish but I like him, especially the alt mode. Highbrow’s very cool.

Mainly looking for Hardhead atm and the other wave 2 guys. Blurr and Scourge look ok, but I’ve got their earlier CHUG figures which are good and I prefer Takara’s colours for them vastly.


There’s Hardheads a-plenty in Dublin if you want one picked up and posted over