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I assumed it was Wong for this very reason.


With the upcoming revolutions from IDW. I’ve been playing about with M.A.S.K.

Still need a bit more ptactics shooting toys. But have been digesting tit photo blogs for advice.


We didn’t need to know this.


I’ve still got all my (and my brother’s) old MASK stuff in a rucksack somewhere. I’ve been meaning to try and do up the Thunderhawk for ages, but I suspect the prices of even parts will have gone up with the movie announcement.

Did you know that the Reprolabels guys (or a splinter from them) does a few MASK kits?


But they are so awesome.

Martin I can add you to a fee Facebook groups that should prove helpful for this.


I do know of the stickers.

There’s also 2 lads who do shapeways parts to make them more cartoon accurate.


Suddenly it becomes clear why they cast a woman in the role!



My current todo pile of Zeon suits.


Smyths are running a 20% off promotion in all stores for everything other than video games and electronics. Ends on Monday. I managed to find a Highbrow hidden amongst lots of RiD stuff, so snagged him for £13.50 or so, which is a great price for a deluxe these days. Very nifty figure.


Well, I might have to swing by Smyth’s tomorrow


I could do with a hardhead.
Just saying!
Also make sure it is 20% off and they haven’t just upped the price by 20% the day before.


So I picked up Sentinel Prime and Galvatron in that Smyth’s sale a couple of weeks ago.

Robot Trump is a better toy than you’d expect. He’s got lots of nice poseability, a few options to let you mess around with his silhouette in robot mode - wings spread or stowed, weapons in his hands or on his wings. If you have some spare guns sitting around you can easily make him match the look and feel of the comic character. Probably the nicest touch is that the neck whole assembly turns, including the bits that pop up to make Sentinel’s head look bigger.

Transformation has some nice touches too - his spaceship mode is very typical of modern aircraft transformers, but the hands fold into the arms, and there’s panels on the legs that fold out to hide exposed robot parts. There’s also deployable landing gear.

The train/tank mode is a bit shit, which is a shame because the transformation is quite elegant. the hip assembly splits in two, and the legs are straightened out like Sentinel’s doing an especially wide splits. The same panels that hide the upper legs swing out and clip into place, more panels flip down to give the illusion of train wheels, and the feet rotate around 180 degrees to reveal pieces that look more like train engine blocks. Finally the backpack swings up and uses the wings to lock into place over the torso.

For such an innovative transform, it’s a shame the final mode is underwhelming, it’s incredibly narrow, and the only way you can tell the front from the back is the way the cockpit faces.

Overall, a great figure let down slightly by a meh train mode. If you don’t like the character or colour scheme (and I’m strongly considering doing some painting to give the orange more depth, like the CG render on the box), then get Astrotrain for sure.

Robot Hitler, by comparison is a case of close but no doughnut. He looks a lot like the IDW character design, cannon mode is awesome, and the spaceship mode feels like an afterthought, but still looks decent.

However, there’s a few niggly things that drag him down - his head kibble is a flat piece that flips up out of the chest, and offers no poseability for the head, a stark comparison to Sentinel Prime. The cannon is a bit on the huge side, and between that, the position of the mount point for the cannon and the positioning of the shoulder pads make it very hard to get him into good poses to fire his cannon.

There’s so much potential in this Galvatron toy and it’s frustrating that there’s a few things that keep it back. Still better than the Classics one though.


I stumbled upon a video from a few months ago of an earlier version of that Galvatron. His Headmaster was purple and the face frame could move around with the head. So it was consciously made worse (I assume to cut costs), which makes its flaws sting more really.


I think that might be the Japanese release. They have one in my LCS and the head has the crown part painted purple. I’m actually considering painting mine similarly.


Think it was Hasbro.

I picked up Wheelie and Rewind from my local TRU today. Had hoped for Hardhead, but alas they had all of Wave 1 but him.


ah right. The Japanese one has a painted crown on the headmaster like that prototype did, and the one in my LCS doesn’t have the faceplate deployed so I don’t know if there’s any more to it than the western one.


So the HLJ fairy dropped a big box of stuff to my desk yesterday, and in that box there was Legends Rewind, because I missed him at retail here, and why not get the Japanese one while I’m getting Macross and Gundam stuff?

And he’s a decent little toy. Good poseability, especially for the size - you can even tilt the head up and down a bit by virtue of how he transforms.

The ‘Device’ mode is quite cool as bricks of plastic go- it looks enough like a tape to satisfy GEEWUN, but has some icons over the tape details in the foil stickers, so it looks like a phone or tablet with a retro wallpaper. There’s even a recessed space where you can stow the gun. Or if you want an armed ‘device’ you can mount it externally.

The tank mode is ludicrous but vaguely functional. It also has some pegs you can use to mount headmaster figures standing on, which work better than the ones on Galvatron.

And because I got the Japanese version, I also got Nightbeat’s Headmaster. Yay, I suppose. He’s kinda cool inasmuch as the increased paint budget means the arms are silver, representing his head antennae/guns well enough, But I’ve got no body I want to mount him on, so he’s sitting in Galvatron’s cockpit for now.


So so dirty.

I picked up Rewind (and Wheelie) on the weekend. I hadn’t noticed the storage recess for the gun in “device” mode, nor the Headmaster pegs. He is a very cool little figure though. I forget how well HasTak do on the Legend/Scout/Basic size these days.

Wheelie’s nice as well, although I found he doesn’t quite feel properly put together in vehicle mode (I may be missing something from the vague instructions) and he’s completely lacking an accessory, which is a bit cheap.


I’ve heard similar complaints about Wheelie from other people as well. I bought him myself, but only to pass on to a friend who wanted him.