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The Toy Thread


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I can’t decide whether this is the best or worst thing I have ever seen:
[/quote]whichever way you decide, you are absolutely correct.


I like the way it looks like Bullseye has had his neck broken and Hamm has been disemboweled.


In other news, Masterpiece Cheetor looks amazing.


It looks like he is about to start rubbing his ass on the carpet…


He looks like he just finished rubbing his ass on the carpet.


Exactly! The original version didn’t have anywhere near the poseability to create that impression!


Where are the sunglasses, the gloves, and the oversized trainers? To be honest it feels like they’ve completely missed the point of the character.


I applaud Hasbro for using recycled paper on their Transformers instruction sheets now, but I wish they’d bothered to whack up the contrast so you can actually make heads or tails of the pictures on them. It’s muddy greyscale pictures printed on murky greyscale backgrounds.

Picked up Titans Return Skullcruncher today. The soft plastic used for his driver hatch thing in beast mode is incredibly hard to open and close (I’ve no idea why they didn’t use normal plastic on it) and his leg joints are all a tad loose (which I’ll try and fix with some nail varnish), but it’s pretty cool over all. His beast mode’s got a good look to it and robot mode is nicely poseable. I’d definitely get a second version of this mode (Krok, apparently).


This is an interesting mini documentary.


It’s really hard for me to be responsible and not buy this beauty.


The top of my three-year-old’s bedroom bookshelves:

He is really getting to love Transformers at the moment.

(Strongarm looks a bit like she needs the toilet there.)


We actually tried to combine his love of Transformers and Lego today. This was my naff effort.

At least he has a jolly face.

I feel like he needs a name.


@DaveWallace do you know about the Kreo line?


I’ve never seen it before. That looks ideal! Thanks.


The sets come with some awesome mini figures.
In have bought a lot of them.

And there’s a few videos and games on the website as well thay you may enjoy show/playing with him.
All very cute and entertaining.




There is official Doctor Strange LEGO.

(It’s a shame the set itself is a bit uninspiring but still … DOCTOR STRANGE LEGO!)

(Quite glad I’ve already got a LEGO Doctor Strange minifig though)


It seems like it might do well in the Asian markets.
This weekend I built a Lego car and campervan along with a ferry. Basically guided the nephew William thorough the build by providing him with the pieces for each stage and asking are you sure when he was going off script.
Always a fun few hours.


I love building Lego sets with the kids, and I do it in the same way, letting them do as much as possible on their own. It’s a really good exercise for them for lots of reasons (Lego instructions are brilliant and encourage lots of important skills I think), and they always have a real sense of pride when they complete a model.


Is the Ancient One dusting Strange’s house?