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I mentioned this on the old boards, but I don’t know if anyone got to see it. Branches of B&M are stocking various Transformers Thrilling 30 Voyagers, for a mere £13. Sighted so far have been Rhinox, Whirl, Roadbuster, Springer, Sandstorm, Sky-Byte and I think Blitzwing.

These are grey-imports, but oddly, The Entertainer has listed a load of Generations Voyagers on their website (currently out of stock) as well, just at full price (£23). These include Brainstorm, which would be great.

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my local doesn’t have any. I have most of them, but could really use a Whirl for that price,

edit: my sources suggest the Fall Of Cybertron Blaster and Soundwave have been spotted also, as well as Double Dealer. Not sure if these have all been at B&M or maybe Smyths and The Entertainer too.


My robot buying has reached fever pitch. On top of the recent purchases, I nabbed Generations Roadbuster and Whirl today, plus the Queadlunn-Rea from Macross Frontier I ordered ages ago arrived, and with any luck my VF-0D will arrive tomorrow.

Roadbuster gets a solid rating of good but not great. He looks fantastic, has loads of weapons, is a good size when you look at his comic incarnation compared to the other Wreckers, and is a very good represenation of the 80s character.

BUT. Poseability is kinda low, partially because his rotational joint below the shoulder is so tight the whole arm falls off sooner than it’ll turn, and there’s no wrist articulation at all, and the bumper/mudguard from his jeep mode blocks a lot of the hip joints’ articulation. And despite an amazingly simple transformation, it’s very fiddly to line everything up. I do like the figure, but compared to other 30th anniversary Voyagers like Whirl, Rhinox and especially Springer, he’s really lacking. Oh, but he does come with the option of putting a Wrecker insignia on instead of the regular Autobot one.

As the prior paragraph suggests, Whirl is the better of the updated Deluxe Autobots. Like Roadbuster, Whirl seems to be an attempt to do a straight update of the 80s design, rather than a reinterpretation (often through the filter of an IDW artist) like most other Generations figures. This has lead to a lot of speculation as to who actually designed these two. Anyway, Whirl has a decent amount of poseability, including the ability to open and close his clamps or clamp-like devices, and he’s got sweet backward-canted legs. Just like in MTME, there’s a massive amount of character to be had from someone who has no face and no hands.

The box claims Whirl is a triple-changer, by virtue of a “Helopod” mode, basically a GERWALK, which is kinda amusing in and of itself. The transform felt very complicated the first time I tried it (With Mark’s Whirl over Christmas and no instructions), but it was much smoother trying it with the booklet in hand, though the official transformation steps has a number of somewhat inexplicable steps which seem to be easily ignored.

Like Roadbuster, Whirl comes with a whole mess of weapons which attach to each other and to him via an aray of 5mm posts, C-clips and a couple that slide over his forearm if you retract his clamps or clamp-like devices. Some of them look better than others, I especially like the chain gun and the missile pod.

On the non-transformer front, the Queadlunn Rea is from the Robot Damashii line, which is basically Bandai’s equivalent of Revoltech. The mecha is an update of the Queadlunn Rau from Do You Remember Love, in a candy apple red similar to Milia’s one. It’s got a load of poseability, and the design helps restrain the articulation so it doesn’t get into too many unnatural poses - there’s a lot of little outcrops and overhangs of armour that the limbs rub up against.

Due to the nature of the design there’s not much in the way of extra bits in the box - the shoulder-mounted cannon is a separate piece (but it mounts on a cool little rail to allow it to slide forward and back), as are a pair of fuel/sensor pods which attach to the backpack. And while the backpack-mounted missile pods have opening hatches (which is cool and very unexpected), the leg ones don’t, you need to unclip the hatch and replace it with a different piece. Overall and excellent figure, especially if you can grab it on sale, I only paid a fiver fo rmine.


Did you pick up Roadbuster and Whirl locally, Lorcan? Whirl is a figure I’d pretty much written off as an import, but I think if I was to see it cheap in person, I might just go for it. The mix of light blue and solid black pieces is still a bit off-putting for me though.


Yeah, smyths have gotten a handful of thrilling 30s voyagers in. Picked up them and I got springer last week. The smyths I was in has 2 rhinoxes and one each of whirl and Roadbuster left


anyone pledging to the Play With This Too kickstarter gets a chainsaw platypus (if you pledge at least $55 but thats the minimum to get a figure so basically…)



It’s a great name. But I’ve passed on the Play with this two stuff.

Have to say I’m sorry I didn’t get Springer sooner. Everything about him is just awesome and Dynamic.
Even his fist has character. Currently on the Bedroom window Still Punching the snot out of Lugnut.
These two are going to be in an ongoing battle to remain my favorite for years to come.

I also love how many Helicopter Transformers I’ve gotten so far this year. Think the last one was Energon/armada Cyclonus.

I am Jealous of your current Purchases Nagle. But not the price tag.


And I haven’t even talked about the VF-0D yet!

(Spoilers: It’s beautiful, but I’m on holiday and none of my phone photos do it justice. I’ll take soem with the good camera and upload them when I’m home at the weekend)


Looks like I’ll be getting two upgrade kits for Menasor.
Just added this to my local plastic crack dealer along with the hands and feet kit.


CW figures are on sale at Smyths (the website at least, possibly in store). £17 for voyagers, £12 for deluxes. Amazon have got deluxes down to £13 as well. Hopefully this is an effort to clear out wave 1 and get wave 2 in.

I finished my Superion today (well, completed with wave 1 parts) and it’s really great. Skydive is a bit underwhelming as a solo figure, but the combined whole is awesome.


I really liked Skydive myself, I especially liked the little shoulder thing he does to break up the fighter mode shilouettes a bit more.

I do agree that Superion is ace, though Ultra Prime isn’t as good. Because of the way you fold Optimus’ arms up to make the shoulders, they’re prone to swinging out of position because of the weight fo the deluxe figures hanging out of them. Hopefully the Menasor retool will tighten up those joints a bit.


There’s a certain Batman toy that I had as a very little kid that I’m seeking info on.
It was probably from around 1996-1999.
Batman was dressed in grey, and had a blue cowl and gloves, but no cape. The spikes on the gloves were very emphasized and he had a red ninja-like cape that hung down one side.
Does anybody know anything about this?

#13 Start looking @Kalman_L

Was it part of the Animated line?


@Kalman_L was it this one maybe?

or ?


I’ve Joined a Gundam Club. I blame Lorcan entirely on this turn of events

My Zed heads

And working on a Custom for Gunpla style game
Attempt 1

Attempt 2.

There will be Edits as I get more bits.


can’t go wrong with a bit of Gunpla.
built Harute from 00 and Bearguy (F) from Build Fighters Try recently. lots of fun. Still have a GM III and Sengoku Astray to build, and got a few waiting to ship from HLJ

I got Generations Whirl yesterday too, and haven’t even opened him!


I didn’t make you buy three kits in a week!

Meanwhile, I’ve finally delved back into painting the Ingram I got for Christmas. Not at all to justify painting the GM Custom I picked up at Gundam Club, heavens no.


Was that not you holding my wrist behind my back!
Saying “DO IT!”

Also got Roadbuster but in all the Gundam fun I’ve yet to open him yet!
May do it in the Morning!


I opened Road Buster.
And like all the other generation Voyagers I’ve gotten I’m very happy with it!

He’s solid, a great range of movement. And those Weapons. Plus the clacky noises and stickers ramp up the figure. Based on the rest of them I may pick up Skybite just to see if the trend continues.


I worry that I broke the shoulder on my Roadbuster straight out of the box. The left-hand shoulder doesn’t stay up as well as the other.