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The Thread on Aging...


To start this thread on aging I will say that I am 49 and will be the big “Five -O” next year. I see people my age including former classmates with kids in college and wonder where all the time went in my life. At the barbershop I see my greys and know I am not getting any younger and a few aches are starting as I get up in the morning for work taking the stairs and so on. My 20’s and 30’s seemed to have gone fast. Now I am in the last year of my 40’s and it all makes me wonder…

I am not in competition with others as to life accomplishments but sometimes I wonder about what might have been, seeing others who appear to be more “established” in their lives. It is not a jealousy thing but it is something like a single bridesmaid at a wedding seeing up close the bride have her moment and just thinking “When will I have my moment?”

Truth is I shouldn’t compare but concentrate on my own life as it is now. I understand that some things are a little too late to do now, but I can still be very happy and content in my own right.

On a humorous side, I draw inspiration from others older than me doing well, even Miller’s original DKR about an old Bruce getting back at it.

So that is how I start the thread. If you have any input or observations on aging, getting older, or just feeling that your 20’s went too fast, please share…



1968, yeah, 50 is coming.

You never feel as old as you are, but it’s those little things; aches, pains, and the ability to harm yourself in your sleep (!).

What bugs me (confuses me?) is that when we were young, and then teens, the over 40 crowd convinced us they knew everything, and the over 60 crowd acted old, real old.

Now I see we’ve gained the ability to be immature for as long as we want, and make all kinds of mistakes.

Dammit, I had a whole long rambling thing (something about attention span), but I’ve forgotten something somewhere, and I’m hungry.


On my 50th birthday, I was overweight, out of shape, and taking Prilosec daily for acid reflux. Soon after that, I made a lifestyle change (with lots of help and inspiration from my wonderful wife and partner Liz), including smarter dietary choices and regular exercise. Eight years later, I’m 25 pounds lighter, I completed a half-marathon at age 57, I’ve hiked down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up again, and my acid reflux is a thing of the past.

This post isn’t to pat myself on the back (well, maybe a little); it’s to testify that you’re never too old to make a change in your life. 50 is just a year, @alx, and there’s still time to achieve some of your dreams.

You can start by cutting back on the Mexican Coke, eh? :slight_smile:


Yeah, at this point I’m convinced that the whole adulthood thing has always been a sham. Convincing the younger people that we know what we’re doing because we don’t want to freak them out. I am fairly sure now that that’s also what our parents did, and theirs and so on.

You know, even when you’re settled and content and happy in your life, that’s still a thing. I think it always will be. I mean, I wouldn’t swap my life for anyone else’s, I am quite happy with the decisions I made, but still: those were decisions made, and every time you take a path, that means there are other paths there that you didn’t take. And when you’re in your forties, it’s becoming clear that most of those paths are now closed off; you won’t get to choose another career, and there are many things that belong to the world of twenty- or thirty-somethings that you won’t do anymore now.

So that’s a constant, I guess; just a fact of life. The thing here is realising that no matter what age you are, there are also a great many paths still open to you - as many as back then, probably, just different ones. So you can think about who you want to be and what you want to be, and do it.

In summary, I guess what I’m saying is Be Like Njerry. That should be a good enough motto for anyone.


[quote=“Christian, post:5, topic:10114”]
In summary, I guess what I’m saying is Be Like Njerry.
[/quote]To paraphrase LeBron James: “The world doesn’t need another Njerry.” Trust me.


The first two centuries are the worst!