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The Thread of Awesome Music Videos


1.Only the MOST awesome.

2.It’s not about the songs (but they are allowed to be awesome, too).

3.One at a time, I’m probably supposed to be writing right now!

I’ll begin…


I raise you the love story of a sperm in Spermingham


Without a doubt the best music video I have ever seen.


Primus’ Mr Kringle stands out for its single shot music video.


Two for Chris Cuningham straight off the bat. I actually liked his comic book work, too, unlike Garth Ennis, who really hated it.


I’m sure Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver will turn up on this thread too.


I’m just gonna leave this here.



Chris Cunningham…

… has made comic books?

Gifdem2menowz!! Berätta mer! Tell me more!

Edit: To the Google-mobile!


In the interest of equality and fairness I shall now also have to post this


From Wiki:

Earlier work in film included model-making, prosthetic make-up and concept illustrations for Hardware and Dust Devil for director Richard Stanley; work on Nightbreed for Clive Barker; and on Alien3 for David Fincher. Between 1990 and 1992, he contributed the occasional cover painting and strip to Judge Dredd Megazine, working under the pseudonym “Chris Halls”; Halls is his stepfather’s surname.

He worked on Judgement Day, which I love, but most people hated.


Thanks, friend! :slight_smile:

I shall consult the google and see what I can find. I absolutely love Chris Cunninghams videos, very intrigued to see what his comic work looks like. :slight_smile:

2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread

I, like Parker, thought Judgement Day was fairly good. There were two things that I didn’t like though: 1) the piss weak and horribly written villain and 2) a majority of the non Carlos Ezquerra art which was even more horrible. The second may be of concern to you.


The return to MC1 sequence with the rookies is one of my favourite Dredd sequences of all time. And because it’s Ennis, every Judge Joyce scene is delightful. When he goes “One nil. One niiiiiiiiiiilllll!!” it’s pure ‘Clap for MODOK’ genius.


Yeh, there’s loads of great moments like that in it. Just a shame Sabbat was such a crap pantomime villain.


Ennis hates it, himself. He’s not very proud of any of his Dredd work, but I really enjoyed it.


Yeah, I’ve heard that from a few places. Ennis himself is pretty down on it on the 2000AD podcast he was on a few months back.


Back on track…

Iron Maiden: Can I Play With Madness - featuring ex Monty Python star Graham Chapman in one of his final on screen appearances before his death.


Aye, he’s gettin a bit grumpy in his old age.


I forgot that even existed.

Here’s some other comedy geniuses in an awesome music video…


Always wanted to drop Led Zeppelin on a square 1940’s audience.

This is close.