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The Thor: Ragnarok SPOILER THREAD!


I can’t blame anyone for wanting it but I genuinely hope they never attempt a New Gods movie.


New Gods may work better as a CGI kids movie. I don’t think some of the characters would translate very well to live action.

Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey come to mind.


I’ve wanted a Herc-Thor buddy movie for a while. With Liam Hemsworth as Herc.




That right there would have made this movie work. Heh. Just imagine if Dwayne Johnson had played Herc…


Just saw this and it was great. How does Marvel manage to make everyone so cool on screen??

Loved the synth soundtrack.


That was Mark Mothersbaugh formerly of Devo.



And Rugrats.



It does look like they had fun making it. It is a funny movie even if the near constant gags somewhat diminish the tension.

I wonder if Beta Ray Bill and Balder will show up in the next one. I’m sure they were considered for Ragnarok but that would have been just too many significant new characters. Balder is interesting because honestly he would be the best heir to rule the Asgardians (I wish they would call them the Aesir). Loki is, well, more or less evil (at least too mischievous) and Thor really isn’t as fun if he’s actually ruling. He’s better in the Lancelot or Galahad role going off on quests and adventures than actually ruling anything. Balder, even though he sorta is the Lancelot of Marvel’s Thor, would be a better choice freeing Thor up to be Thor. Or let Jane be Thor since that would be about the only way to get Natalie Portman back in the movies.

And Beta Ray Bill is just too cool. How he’d get Stormbringer though would have to be figured out differently from the comics.


I’m not sure what Asgard there will be by the end of ‘Infinity War’.

I believe that’s Thanos’ ship turning up at in the end credit scene;

And Loki is walking through a room filled with bodies in the ‘Infinity War’ trailer and Thor ends up with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

If Asgard is a people, not a place, then it may be a very small people by the time this phase is over.


Also, Hulk lands in Dr. Strange’s house.


Considering how big a hit THOR RAGNAROK was, I imagine Marvel is reassessing the future value of Thor characters and properties.


I’m sure Chris Hemsworth’s representatives are reassessing his value to Marvel.


Yeah, that guy is gonna get PAID. His last movie under his initial contract was Avengers 4, I believe. He’s going to make bank if he comes back.

Given how mediocre his box office is without Marvel, I suspect he will return for another few outings.


I think he’s worth every penny he can get out of Disney, when he’s playing Thor,

He just doesn’t sell that many tickets in other films. It’s the actor and the role.

It’s not talent (which he has a great deal of), it’s just the way it goes sometimes.


It’s a shame he’s not a bigger draw. His comic timing is excellent, and his dramatic chops are solid. I thought he was awesome in Rush. He’s one of one guys, I think, that is so good looking that it almost hinders him. I think if he started to delve into a bit more character-acting instead of leading-man stuff, he might be able to gain a bit more respectability and expand his audience a bit.


I think it is good that he’s not really a movie star. Honestly, I would say he’s much more like Dwayne Johnson or Robert Downey Jr than Tom Cruise or even Vin Diesel in the sense that he’s at his best when he’s part of a big ensemble cast with equally distinct and appealing co-stars.

He may not be able to carry a movie like The Rock, but even Johnson has his biggest hits when he’s playing off other characters rather than carrying the film solo.