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The Thor: Ragnarok SPOILER THREAD!


Hrm… I don’t know. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the first two Thors.

Of course, the idea that Thor got a second-hand hammer makes me cackle. Then again, Odin said Thor’s hammer was to help him focus his power. Assuming Hela had hers for the same reason, then I can see them being different weapons.


From my editing I’ve only ever noticed or can recall the Asgardian trefoil knot symbol lighting up (it appears first when Odin says the words, sealing in the magick), no actual words, but I could have missed it.


They haven’t used any written text at all as far as I can remember?


It’s a distinction I hadn’t realized until this film. The comic version clearly states that the hammer bestows the power of Thor. It’s the hole that I think allowed this story to be told in the way it was.



Just saw it… wasn’t nearly as comedic as everyone says… then again we were 2 or 3 in the whole theater, so yeah, it was pretty silent. There were a lot of gags, sure, but it wasn’t a “comedy” per-se at all. I think people won’t feel the comedy that much when it comes to DVD and they watch it at home…

Anyways, yeah it’s good… too short though, you could see moment where some scenes were clearly missing. This is one movie I would’ve loved to be longer, but oh well.

Other than that to repeat: The visual design is amazing… lots of kirby shit, and crazy shit all over the place… LOVED IT! I would watch another Thor trilogy if they decided to go that route, easy peasy… that was Cosmic Marvel in full swing and it was glorious!!! Too bad they decided to leave Thor where they did, it makes me think they’re getting ready to “retire” him (and Hemsworth), although I did appreciate the balls to maim him and obliterate Asgard (That’s a much better way to “raise the stakes” than flat out killing the characters… quicksilver… u_u). Hela was cool, but a bit too one-sided unfortunately. Skurge was nice, but same deal. I guess they were just there to service the heros’ arcs, as usual. Damn they better get Thanos right… u_u

There were some flaws of course, like hoe they unceremniously killed the warriors 3 like chumps, no sign of Sif… it all kinda seemed to go too quickly, but sort of dragged in the Sakar section. Korg was amazing, obviously… not too much, not too little. Like someone else said, I’m not sure making Thor into Odin 2.0 is the best direction for the character at this point… I would’ve prefered them to leave it open for more cosmic insane adventures, but I guess Hemsworth’s gotta go at some point =(

Oh my other gripe… fuckin’ Stan Lee… I swear… it stings less with the Watcher connection, but I swear I’m sooo sick of those tired and lame cameos. The rest of the cameos were good.

Well, at least it was different and still managed to deliver on the movie title, which was good. Marvel REALLY needs to ramp up the cosmic whckiness… I think it’s time for Nova & Adam Warlock… And damn you Fox for owning the SS rights :rage:

Edit: This was, btw, what I was expecting from GotG2… This kind of thing, not Quill & his daddy issues… so to me this was the true GotG2 I suppose =P

Oh btw, which post-credit scenes did I miss? I only saw the first one with a huge ship appearing in front of theirs, and then I got up to pee and bail cause it was late =P


Back on Sakaar, Jeff Goldblum gets out of a pod he’d been hiding in and finds himself surrounded by armed rebels. He Goldblums for a bit, trying to appease them, then says they should call it a tie. After Korg, it’s my favorite comedic moment in the film.


Ahh cool… nothing too important then! Thanks =)








Saw this yesterday and loved it. Had no idea that Taiki Waititi was going to be directing, because I avoid all press for the endless parade of superhero films. I was a huge fan of What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilderpeople so I got a huge kick from seeing him turn his hand to my favourite Marvel character. Not so much I can see that everybody hasn’t already, it looked gorgeous, the characters were spot on, it absolutely flew by. Yeah, could’ve used more Cate Blanchette and more Idris Elba, but that’s really only a minor niggle, it was excellent as it was.

Main reason I got excited for this particular film early on was the casting as Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Aside from the glaring fact that the Marvel films need to seriously stop embarrassing themselves in terms of representation for pretty much anybody who isn’t a cishet white male, she was excellent in Dear White People and I was excited to see a really talented young actor introduced. She was my favourite part of the film, I think Marvel have introduced a character with loads of potential here and I’ll eagerly await her own solo film where we can explore more of her past, the pain/survivor’s guilt that she’s carrying, watch her do some more ass-kicking scenes, more jokes, all that sort of stuff. One thing that nobody else has mentioned though is her This Is Spinal Tap accent; for some reason I find Americans doing ropey English accents very funny, so I enjoyed hers a lot.

Sif escaped the Asgardian bloodbath, which gives Marvel the possibility to give her a Netflix series taking cues from Kathryn Immonen’s stellar and criminally unappreciated Journey Into Mystery run.


Any Beta Ray Bill will do me.


That right there is my mantra for life in general


Oh another thought which I didn’t mention; Sakaar was pretty Kirby and it looked great. Are DC going to take this shit lying down, or are they going to get a Kirby af New Gods film in production? Which, in turn, would give Marvel something to top when they get the rights to Fantastic Four back.


They barely have the balls to make an Aquaman movie ffs.


I just wet myself. Please, DC, make this a thing.


That’s just old age catching up to you, Jerry. Go buy some Depends. :wink: