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The Thor: Ragnarok SPOILER THREAD!


See I like DC’s different tone. I don’t think Wonder Woman is as different from Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman as it’s made out to be either. I think the space of superhero movies has room for all kinds of interpretations and doesn’t need to be pigeonholed into one formula.


I don’t agree with all of your post and your general impression of the film, but I think you make a lot of pretty good points in this paragraph.


I’m sooooo not getting into that again.

So instead, some info on how the film (that this thread is actually about) was reworked in post production.


As the edit changed, we updated the shots to reflect the new direction. For example, the first version of the third act had the final battle taking place on the ‘Stone Arch Bridge’, a different bridge to the north of Odin’s Tower. We prevised the entire sequence, even creating a genuinely adorable 8-bit-style ‘overview’ of the complex choreography required to get all of the characters into place for their respective moments. Naturally, our Production Designer created a huge section of ‘Stone Arch Bridge’ for us to shoot on in our large blue screen backlot.

In post it was decided that it would be much clearer storytelling if the Asgardians were on the Rainbow Bridge with the Observatory – and its implied safety – in view. This meant taking every single frame of footage we had shot with our 300 extras and rotoscoping them off one bridge and putting them onto a very different one! Very complicated, very time-consuming of course, but it helped the storytelling!


I had heard stories…


Are you sure? :wink:


It’s not a snap decision.


Even the Fox X-Men projects go for different tones.

While I have not been a fan of the DC movies I’ve seen, I do appreciate that they are trying to differentiate themselves from Marvel. I also like that Fox is trying to do different things with their movies and TV shows.


I would love to see directors have more freedom to put their individual stamp on films like Waitit did with this one or like Burton was allowed with Batman. I think it will be what keeps the genre fresh.


Well that’s the thing, I agree with you that Wonder Woman isn’t necessarily that different, I just think it succeeds far better in telling Wonder Woman’s story in a way that has great charm and personality and that one of those reasons was because the gave a very talented person the reins and kind of let it be as they didn’t have an idea of what they wanted. The idea behind the DC films before was to make them dark and gritty, like Nolan’s Batman, but audiences and critics didn’t take to Snyder’s version of that with the same love, so it stands to sense that it’s all down to giving the talent free reign from the outset, but the scripts need to reflect that aswell and I don’t think they gave Snyder a fighting chance when it came to making those films universally loved. Suicide Squad had a lot of the same issues.

So I agree completely, but the vision has to be in the scripts too, Warner Bros have to step back and the talent work and give them space to do so.


I would like to see that extend to TV, too. Legion is unlike any other superhero show on TV. Noah Hawley took some basic X-Men concepts and created something wild and wonderful. It’s quite different from Fargo but you can see the experienced hand behind the wheel.

The Gifted, helmed by Burn Notice creator Matt Nix, has been a great series. While tonally different from Burn Notice, you can see Nix’s experience in mixing character, action and emotion in the execution.


The thing that fans don’t really appreciate is the distorting effect Dark Knight had on the perception of Nolan’s Batman. Batman Begins was fairly low key. It was accepted as a return to form, but it wasn’t until Heath Ledger’s sensational Joker roped in wider audiences that Nolan was viewed as a truly blockbuster directer. He got a universal hit with Inception, but then the backlash set in with Dark Knight Rises, which to fans who really only knew or cared about Ledger’s Joker…Hardy’s Bane just came off as a shameless attempt to recapture that, and the perception of the film around him followed that. And so any movie that followed with the Nolan tone was going to be treated that way, not how Dark Knight was treated.

(It occurs to me that Star Wars fans are probably much the same. The original ones hated Return of the Jedi, and thus were similarly primed to hate the prequels.)


Surely this is what the poll function on a message board was born for?


You LOVE that sort of stuff, it’s a pay cheque :wink:


But never enough for the pain involved!


But in the pain of that edit, a film was born.


It’s not really being born by that point, it’s more like cosmetic surgery.



That “controversy” is actually one of the weirder things about this movie. She was basically positioned as a Asgardian Amazon in the movie, in the pattern of how people like Grant Morrison have been depicting them. As bisexuals. It seemed fairly obvious.


One of the things I most liked about Thor: Ragnarok is that it took Thor beyond dependence on Mjolnir. I wouldn’t think that would ever be something I thought was a good idea but it was done so well.

This is a fun trailer along those lines.


I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mijolnir. In the frescoes Hela uncovered, the pictures showed her with a hammer too and it looked closer to the “classic” Mijolnir, than Thor’s extra shiny version.

I have a feeling that’s going to become a thing later. Then again maybe not, but right now, Thor sans hammer seems more like a second rate Zeus than Thor.

OMG, this would be the perfect time for Hercules and the Olympians to show up!


I assumed that was meant to be the same Mjolnir. It would be an odd thing to roll back when they made a point that Mjolnir was just to channel Thor’s power, not the source of it.

If they did bring it back, I would hope it would be as a means to give Jane Foster or someone else power.

Has the cinematic version of the hammer ever had the inscription?