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The Thor: Ragnarok SPOILER THREAD!


Tremendous fun. It was like it was created by an 8 year-old rummaging through his toy box, which I mean as a compliment. Between this and Guardians 2, I have little interest in returning to MCU Earth. Save that terrestrial stuff for Spider-Man and let’s just keep these awesome space stories going. They’re like Star Wars without the stick up its arse. I’m still chuckling from Banner’s epic pratfall.



I saw this for a second time today. I had booked 2D Imax tickets for today anyway but my bored kids insisted we see it Saturday.

I liked it even more the second time. It’s ridiculous how much story they get into this film without it seeming rushed and always keeping an even pace and with a normal running time.

Jeff Goldblum was interviewed for it on the BBC Radio 5 film show this week and it does contrast with the response to Star Wars which seems to be regarded as much more precious as he said this one was full of improvisation, for which Lord and Miller got fired.

I’ll go out on a limb, best Marvel movie yet. What I want from a superhero film, balls to the wall fun and action. Doesn’t fall into their usual issue of a poor villain, Hela is awesome, Skurge is great.



I really wish they wouldn’t bother with this sort of post-hoc sort of thing.

Either they think it’s a part of their story worth telling, or they don’t think it’s relevant to the story, in which case that’s fine - but this comes across as an attempt to have it both ways.


Sometimes I do think they do it to ‘test the waters.’ Then usually ignore the findings even if they are overwhelmingly positive. Hollywood is scared of it’s own shadow when it comes to blockbusters.The fact a movie like Thor: Ragnarok even exists is a miracle.


This movie was great.

Goldblum was the best possible choice for grandmaster. That post-credit scene had me in stitches.


“but this comes across as an attempt to have it both ways.”

Intentional pun?:slight_smile:


Mark is not posting here much recently but I think he probably liked it.


A nice edit of behind the scenes footage and interview voice overs.


had this group of women sitting who are infatuated with Loki. the play Loki got a gasp from them. I believe they were disappointed because he was not good looking enough to be Loki. :laughing: (yes, I know who he is.)

The comedy was great. the effects were beautiful. the action was good( only quibble is fight choreographer seemed to love that spin move a little much)


So I saw it yesterday, on Thor’s Day and my birthday, and I really loved it. There’s a place for the super serious and dramatic superhero film, a la Winter Soldier, and a place for balls to the wall fun, and Thor 3 is definitely the latter. This is the best Hulk we’ve ever seen, and my favorite incarnation of Thor, and there was quite a lot of great stuff in between.

I do wish they’d used real locations from time to time, though, the green/blue screen sets just didn’t feel as real to me as they should’ve, especially the Norway location.

Other than that, my only complaint is really praise; I wanted more of everything. More Hela, more Bruce/Thor dynamics and more Hulk/Thor, more Valkyrie, more Sakaar and more Asgard. That the film didn’t give me this isn’t something that reflects poorly on it, but rather shows the strong vision of Waititi and the others involved.


I saw it this morning and loved it. I had so much fun with it.

I really loved the 1970s sci-fi look of Sakaar. That was a great touch.

I also enjoyed Waititi as Korg. Fun stuff.

I kept thinking they looked familiar:

There are also several cameos in a sequence where Asgardian actors perform a play based on the events of The Dark World: Sam Neill, who Waititi previously worked with on Hunt for the Wilderpeople, plays the Odin actor;[45][46] Hemsworth’s brother Luke plays the Thor actor;[46] and Matt Damon plays the Loki actor.[



Yay Todd enjoyed a movie! Maybe the ‘grumpy’ tag can be toned down to ‘slightly glum’? :joy:


I enjoyed this greatly. I spent the entire run time feeling like I was seeing a live action “Heavy Metal” comic strip.

Hell, I’d like to see a fan edit of this with the “Heavy Metal : The Motion Picture” soundtrack for the music.


That was Matt Damon!


I saw an interesting movie today. I believe it was called “Jeff Goldblum and a bunch of other stuff”.


I too saw an interesting movie. I believe it was called “Black Widow and a bunch of other stuff.”


Having her hang out with Bill Murray in Japan was an interesting direction to go in.