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The Thor: Ragnarok SPOILER THREAD!


I loved it. The design work was superb and the direction (especially in that opening fight) really underlined how pedestrian Thor 2 was. Hulk, Banner, Val, Grandmaster, Loki, Korg, Hel - all great.

I agree with Paul about the Strange cameo. It felt like they wrote the bit for the end of his film and had to crowbar it into this.

Also a bit weird that Sif is absent (and thus presumably now dead along with all the Warriors Three).

The end sort of left me in mind of the New Adventures of He-Man, with Starship Eternia, of all things.

Loved the whole scene with the play and its cameos (though I had to look up who was playing Thor - good choice but not someone I’d ever recognise).


Ragnarocked :grin:

(Really liked that. The cameos in the Asgard play scene were ace. And Cate Blanchett is just great)


Really enjoyed it. Best MCU movie in a few years. Top 5, easy.


I caught it this morning and it was great fun. God action, lots of laughs, nice story arcs for most of the characters. Couldn’t fault I really. I do agree the strange scene was 100% dispensable though.


Let you know on Friday.

I´m super hyped, wich is weird because i always tought of Thor as the (ok, weaker) link of the MCU movies.


Saw it this morning and loved it.

It’s definitely the funniest Marvel movie so far. Everything with Korg was hilarious. Especially the last scene of the film. The play with Matt Damon as Loki and Luke Hemsworth as Thor was great. I hadn’t heard Damon was in this.

All the action was good, but maybe not as memorable as the comedy for me. I love how big the scope of this film is. And the fact it leaves the characters in a vastly different status quo by the end.


Oh, I meant to bring up… I have a feeling we are going to see a Joe Fixit or Kai style Hulk with Banner’s brain in Hulk’s body. He didn’t change back into Banner at the end, did he? I can’t recall.


Yeah I thing he’s still Hulk by the end on the ship. And Banner does say he wouldn’t be able to change back again if he Hulked out. Hopefully that’ll be explored in Infinity War.

And that reminds me , I loved the gag with Bruce jumping out of the ship and landing on the Rainbow bridge with a thud.


They have spoke about him having and arc through all three movies, so I imagine that if he is stuck as the Hulk, the next stage would be a Banner Hulk, especially as Hulk’s gained a modicum of intelligence and control having been in that form for so long. I’d like to know more about how the quin jet ended up in space.

That got a massive laugh, it was very funny. The action sequences all had at least one hilarious moment. That birthday button on Goldblum’s orgy ship got a big lol from everyone.


All in all a great film.

Unfortunately I’m pretty fan boy and precious about Planet Hulk so I found parts of the Sakaar stuff really infuriating.

As others have said it is very much two movies wedged very neatly together, I was expecting a GOTG appearance to start tying the two aspects of the MCU together more but instead there was a throwaway comment about a location they had been to once.

I’m a fan of Waititi’s work (I was even wearing my LETN What we do in the shadows t-shirt, unintentionally too as we had planned to see the film tomorrow) and think it was great to see what he could do with a much bigger budget. Sure it was comedy heavy and far more adult than the other MCU films but it was a good fun romp. Although I’m never going to be able to read Korg without hearing that voice…


Yeah, liked this a lot. Possibly a couple of serious moments felt like they could’ve landed a bit harder, but the huge amount of fun bits were so gleeful that I don’t really mind. And even if it didn’t quite jerk my emotions, it still brought the sense of the epic that these films definitely need. Best Thor by thar.


Yeah same as everyone else. Saw it earlier than planned as the kids nagged me. So have another ticket for Imax on Tuesday but will happily see it again. It’s just balls out a load of fun from start to finish.
Loved the style, the jokes, the music, the action. All performances pretty much bang on. Great stuff.


So that without a doubt was the funniest film I’ve seen in a long time.
Absolutely loved it!
It may have a few flaws, the Doctor Strange stuff could have been cut and not lost much and they did undermine some of the emotional beats with the constant gags but Thor’s journey from bratty son to God king was really well done


I liked it, but I think ‘Guardians 1’ did it better.

What Waititi brought to the film was the odd ball, off centre comedy, but it felt like the action scenes came from someone else.

Balancing indie with blockbuster is tricky, and I was left wanting more of Waititi’s version of superhero stories, something truly independent (like his exploration of vampire mythology) rather than having to combine it with Marvel’s need to make a few hundred million dollars.

Hemsworth is clearly a comedy actor trapped in the face and body of leading man though (something that ‘Ghostbusters’ indicated too). He should explore more roles that allow him to be funny.


I’m with Vikram. Best Marvel film for a few years. For me better than Ant Man, Strange or Guardians 2. This movie made the previous 2 look worse than they already do. The Planet Hulk bit was reminiscent of Flash Gordon, in a good way and I was glad they didn’t cop out restoring mjolnir, his eye or Warriors 3 at the end. I was sure that was coming. Tessa was good as well. Really enjoyed this and a return to form for Marvel after some tepid movies lately.


I don’t think I can watch the first Thor movie anymore with those godawful bleached eyebrows… wtf were they thinking? :smile:

Anyways, ah damn you guys are raising my already high expectations for this… stop it! =P

It doesn’t come out until next week tho… sucks… I should probably stay away from this thread until then… u_u


That’s actually a great way to look at it. GrumpyDuke likes to complain about what these Avengers movies do, but giving Hemsworth a chance to stretch a little, in a way that works for him and yet how he’s rarely gotten to try, sounds just about perfect.


Joss Whedon weighs in:


Great movie.

I don´t think that it will make (or change) my top Five MCU movies, but still…
Thor has never been my favorite avenger (He is kinda the last) but even i have to apreciate the gift he had for Comedy (Both verbal, and physical) wich as greatly displayed in the movie.
The action escenes are all very well done and, specially the last Valkyries Ride, and the Rainbow Bridge battles have all an intense “Kirby Flavor” to them (Especially in th shots when everything is slowed down and everything look like a moving splash Page).
Goldlum and Blanchet should have had a blat playing this over the top deranged villains (I Speacially found very amusing how the Gran Master has problem with certain words and expressions given that he is a Tyrant after all), and, i have to say it, Kate Blanchet is like a good work of fiction, she only improves with age (Yeah, i know i should have used wine for the Metaphor, but i don´t drink).
I also liked very much how Hela reveals the True history of Asgard, wich is, the True story about Odin… i always kinda hated the reverence the fathers (Or Father figures) got in comics and is good to know that sometimes therés a dark hidden quality in them (Wich is the idea thatr Brian Vaughan Ex´plored in the seminal Runaways).
The Hulk, The Valkirie, Loki and Heimdal have all they time to shine (Excpet The Warrios three, wich are killed waaaay to easy) but, despite what i expected, and despite the enssemble cast, this is definetly a Thor Movie and i love ho the Status Quo is put into question with the ending… thnings are gonna change around the MCU and that´s a good thing. (We probably should expect something of the JMS run in the upcomming movie… if we got there).


I really liked those, they were some of the most beautiful images I’ve seen on screen in recent years.