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The Thor: Ragnarok SPOILER THREAD!


This one’s got about 10 days between release in the UK and the US, so Americans will probably want to keep out come Tuesday October 24th.

Reviews have started coming in:


That Verge review has me a bit more excited, especially at the idea that the Marvel directors might become like different creative teams on a book, rather than ‘the Marvel style’, which is something I’ve longed for since the first wave of films. Agh … hype … building…


Waititi is someone I’ve been very excited about since watching his other films and loved the idea of him doing Akira but then when I read the reviews of this I’m not sure about the idea as he seems to keep everything in and around a comedy arena and I’m not sure that fits what Akira should be.

However, if they were to say… give him a go at Dragonball/Dragonball Z… That’s something I think he’d make pretty amazing.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this, roll on Tuesday.


I’m not sure if I have shared this here before, but he did a Ted talk that was really entertaining. I’m not sure I learned anything but it was funny.

I loved Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What we Do in the Shadows…and Thor. I quite like Thor as well. So this sounds great.


I’ll definitely be giving that a watch at some point today!!!


I’m a little surprised they didn’t bump the release date of this one back a week in the US as well, to give it a little more time in theatres all to itself before Justice League and Coco hits.

I do get not wanting to compete with 8 million Halloween parties though.


I do have to find it a little odd how often these Avengers movies get reviews saying they’ve perfected the art of superhero moviemaking. Realistically, how often can that really be true?


That was great fun! I don’t have a great deal other than that to say, the reviews pretty much cover what I would. I wish this film was around when I was a kid though, I’d have watched it on repeat.


My wife tells me that every time I make dinner that it is the best meal that she’s ever had. So I assume that they are working on a similar principle.


This happens with all film. Just go through the Bluray section at a store and read the box pull quotes.


I should also just stop worrying whether people like Avengers movies and hate DC movies, or hate Avengers movies and like DC movies, or like spicy green sauce and hate…Hmm, I might have gotten carried away a little…


Oh oh oh oh oh.

I forgot to mention how awesome the non-MCU cameos are!!


My favourite cameo was the one whose line was stolen by Aussie Thor.

Great Goldblum Gandalf-y fireworks! I loved it. I feel like a wee kid who’s consumed too many Wonka sweeties.

The lesson to be learned is DON’T PANIC even if you don’t have an umbrella at hand in Doctor Strange Land.

I’m not convinced that Aussie Thor is entirely real. He’s Spinal Tap funny. He’s the god of sparkles. I would like a Gosling/Aussie Thor comedy directed by Korg.


That post was Thor:Ragnarok in post form.


I’m fairly certain the entire cast and crew had access to Old Toby - finest pipeweed outside of Colorado.


Chris Hemsworth???.. More like Chris HEMPsworth!!


I feel strangely bereft. Jane is very stupid (sorry Ross, tis true). WHY aren’t Aussie Thor and his Revengers crew my best mates?

Korg is the new Porg.


Alas, poor Jane. Her contract ran out.


Alas, alack; nothing. I’d have cameoed for free. I’d Black Swan dance all over Ragnarok even if they insisted on red wellies!


I don’t know if it was a contract thing with Portman; more likely she didn’t want to do it and they didn’t see the need to force her to do it.

I liked the film a lot. Not quite GotG-level for me, but a lot of fun. It was definitely two different movies wedged together though. I’d have liked a bit more of the Hela/Ragnarok stuff, even though I really enjoyed everything in the Planet Hulk section.

I assume that we spent some time with Sif going up against Hela at some point but it was cut out. I’d have liked to have seen The Resistance on Asgard do a bit more.

That whole Doctor Strange section added nothing, and if they hadn’t already commited to it by including the scene in that post-credits bit, it would have been easy to cut it out.

Loved Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. All the new characters were pretty great.