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The story of a Doctor Who proposal


Good day to all of you,

This is actually my first time posting, but this is so big I couldn’t resist… I proposed to my girlfriend in a very geeky way and she totally said yes! Now, I’ve told the story of how I proposed to many people, most of whom had barely heard the name Doctor Who so while they appreciated the story they didn’t quite grasp it.

Now I don’t know if many of you out there are Doctor Who fans, but my girlfriend and I are big fans. And for quite a while now I think I knew how I wanted to propose. Last Tuesday while she was working, she received a letter. A letter I made to be exactly like the summoning TARDIS-blue letters in the episode The Impossible Astronaut, one of our favorite episodes. And so the letter was just like in the show: date, time and GPS coordinates.

When she finished and got to the car, she found a cd that read “Once you hit the road… Play me loud!” with a sticker note that read “Come Along, Pond” (her favorite line from her favorite Doctor) and on the cd there was The Eleventh Doctor theme song, Amy Pond’s theme song, and Clara’s theme song. Enough for the drive to the GPS coordinates. Which was the location of a giant Christmas tree made out of lights we had sneaked into 3 years ago when we started dating. So we met inside the tree, and I got on one knee. She cried. And she said yes!

One of my friends even got a chance to get some pictures and the local blog even got wind of it and wrote a blurb about us. So all around, I’d say I did good :smile:

Thanks for giving me a chance to share and thanks for reading!


That is quite an awesome story, Ian. Congratulations on your engagement!!


Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Great story! I love Doctor Who, so I appreciate all the nuances of this story. My wife does not love Doctor Who. Our story went more along the lines of: “Well, we’re pregnant, we should probably get married right?” “Yes, I suppose that would make sense.” “I love you!” “I love you too!”


Very sweet.

But it’s no proposal outside a cop shop!

Welcome to the boards.


That’s brilliant. Fun and romantic and a bit geeky, just right. Bit unfair really, though, she couldn’t have said no to that, could she? :wink:


It’s the last bit that makes it (almost) just as romantic!


Hahah awesome! And thanks! :smile:


Haha you might have a point there :stuck_out_tongue: