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The store is now….OPEN!


Holy crap Garvey, that’s awesome! Well deserved!


Thanks, man.
REALLY proud to be included.


1st draft of Cordelia Swift and the Fishmen of the Thames…is done!
aaaaaaaand breathe…


Congratulations Mr. Garvey.

Edit: Well done on the first draft. Yay!


Cheers, buddy…:blush:


What a great interview! Congratulations. I love the cover. Excited to see more of your work. :slight_smile:


With all that Matt has coming out, there will be more soon!


oh yes!
Loads more!


So, just did a quick stock check and it turns out that i only have three copies of TRANSFER #1 left! :blush:

Just saying!


actually make that two!


LAST ONE! :blush:


Hey Matt - just came across some old notes from a deviantart page I forgot I had. This was some of the steampunk stuff from 5-6 years ago. Thought you might like to take a look, just fer giggles. (It quite shows why I am not variety of artist!)


Awww, thanks, buddy!
I love the fact that you have photocopied your note pad!

i actually quite like your art… :wink:


All Im saying is, if you go to Forbidden Planet Dublin this weekend you might see my comics & TRADE nuzzled cozily underneath David Mack on my own shelf :blush:


For whatever reason, scanners (not the head-popping kind) and I have long been sworn enemies. That I got a few pages done still stuns me.


I was impressed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I still have the stories in me, just with all these years on me the physical work of writing and such is a bit much. My mind still likes to work in long complicated stretches, which my body finds quite amusing and does terrible things to discourage such thought!


I’m just trying to get as many comics outta me as I can… before I burn out!


You know damned good and well you led me right to it!


So, ‪I’d had a great day yesterday! ‬
‪saw a great film, went out with some mates, a few from here :wink:
THEN I came home to THIS from my CHUNKS brother Cris :blush:


It’s in Italian…but you can buy it here!