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The store is now….OPEN!


Next person to go to

& buy the Cordelia trade gets it for FREE (you pay P&P, I’ll refund the rest)
My present to you!

Merry Christmas!

It’s on twitter too, so you better hurry!


You must be near to running out - which is excellent.

Now, Vol 2 is wanted - or other trades…


Not many left! :wink:
More comics and hopefully trades coming soon…hopefully.


Yay. You know you’ve a set of buyers here, right?


I do, sir.
And I appreciate it, thank you :blush:


Done! Cheers Matt, that’s a wonderful festive thing to do.


Who said you won?! :wink:


‪If anyone woukd like a FREE PDF of the Cordelia Swift trade, drop me your email at‬ or DM me it on here.
‪My Christmas gift to you! :blush:
Today only :wink:


What! After parting with all that cash!

God damn you Garvey, god damn you all to hell!


Just thought it would be a nice Christmas present for everyone…not as good as a hard copy though :wink:


My wife really appreciated the hard one you gave her…


Least I could do…


Ok, Boxing Day give away…from me to you☺
Drop me your email over at or DM here & I’ll send you over a FREE PDF of TRANSFER #1


Get on it!


If anyone hasn’t yet jumped aboard the Garvey train ( which sounds like it should be a euphemism, but isn’t), Transfer is a great place to start. It has a fantastic premise and has a wonderfully twisty turny 1st issue.


Still have not opened my hardback and wondered why, seems I wanted to share with MW friends, and photos are just so static. What to do?


Preserve it, don’t crack it…it could be worth at least 20p in a couple of years.


You weren’t there. :wink:


Unlike most train services, where you get bugger all communications from the guy driving, on the Garvey train, the driver never stops talking! :wink:

(Sorry Matt, couldn’t resist it, you do like to rabbit!)


This is pretty nice…

Apparently TRANSFER & CHUNKS are not on the list…but still…always good to gets some exposure.
By exposure, i mean completely different to THOSE emails that @Bruce keep sending me! :wink: