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The store is now….OPEN!


Nevermind, no one give this man FREE alcohol.




If he’s shouting into the mic and the On Air sign ain’t lit, he’s just being a dick.


Did i mention I work for Heineken @mattgarvey1981 ?


I thought Heineken was the worst beer in existence until I had it out of the states in Amsterdam…then I realized I had only drank skunky Heineken and it’s actually a damn good beer.


Since when is “skunky” bad?

oh, yeah! … Beer!


So, I should be expecting my freebie crates when?!? :joy:




Sorry busy. Have been dragged to gym by a mad woman who has spent 16 days in confinement

She sends her love though Matt


Mr Garvey, have you been in contact with First Order Comics? They recently opened in St Ives, Cambs.

I’m popping in later today and if you don’t mind I’ll have a chat about your books with the owner.


I don’t think I have, but yeah feel free to mention me and my comics!
Thank you!
You star!

If they want a any free PDF, let me know.


Will do.

Do you have a preferred contact for retailers to use? I’ve got your Twitter and web address noted to pass on.


They can have my private email, that’s not a problem…
I’ll DM it to you now, not sure you had it :wink:
Thanks again, buddy


Cordelia Swift #4 is now LIVE on @comiXology!
Fill your boots!


Tradewaiting :stuck_out_tongue:


has your trade not turned up yet?


I mean volume 2 :smiley:


don’t scare me like that! :wink:


Got me package yesterday, Matt. Thanks! Will open it Sunday!


Sooooo glad it arrived safely, mate.
Thanks again for the order!
You are a star!

FYI…I started writing a Cordelia shot today :wink: