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The store is now….OPEN!




Basic flats…DONE


Messing around


Digging this one.


Thanks :blush:


Looks great Matt. Tiny suggestion, but would it be worth adding colour to highlight the ‘on air’ sign too (presuming it’s meant to be lit)?

(A red or maybe an orange to connect to the hair?)


hmmmmm, may do, cheers.
I’m trying not use too much colour, but i will see what i can do! :wink:


Okay. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do but here it goes.

@mattgarvey1981 is a good bastard.

So I was chatting with Matt the other night and talk got round to my partner being in hospital for the last 14 days with meningitis. Bit of a scare for the both of us but she pulled in okay.

He kindly sent us a copy of Cordiella Swift for her to read whilst she recovers.

So once more for good measure
@mattgarvey1981 is a good bastard

Nuff said


He really isn’t. What the eff is this, Garvey:



Not yours!
I hate you.



Oh wow. Glad to hear she pulled through. That’s scary shit.

Also, that @mattgarvey1981 doesn’t sound like a bad guy.




Ugh, what’s with the love in?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t we all just agree that I am a dick & be done with it?


Oh how nice!!
And I really hope she gets better soon!




That’s better…wait what?!


I was drunk…


Get this guy more liquor and maybe we’ll all get free copies.


I was actually sober…just thought saying I was drunk is what James wanted to hear! :joy: