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The store is now….OPEN!


I don’t make mistakes!


It’s the backwards cows again, isn’t it?

Tell me it’s not the backward cows!


Wow! It looks like Cordelia Swift is telling Mass Effect and Tim Burton to BTFO!!


It’s coming! :blush:




hopefully! :grin:



Here’s the extra stuff I had to type for it to allow me to post what I wanted. :wink:


Thank you for the order, Sir! :blush:
Do you want me to sign it?


Your choice.

If you do not, of course, I truly will release a horde of demons in your general direction!


Of course I’m gonna sign it…but to who?
Big Mike?
Mad Mike: Fury Road?
Lord of the Mike: fellowship of the forum?
Fried Green Mike at the Whistle stop cafe?

Help a brother out her!


“My Lord and Master” would do, but since we’re here on MillarWorld make it out to Miqque; and let the investigators of the future do heavier research!


Consider it done!


Two copies of Cordelia Swift arrived this morning. Thank you for your kind personalised messages (and omission of genitalia obviously :smile:).

I will post about this in the Trades thread a little later…you already know I like the comic…but the production values on the book are fantastic.


Thanks buddy, i’m so glad the quality is good enough…i know it was a couple of quid extra for the hard back but i honestly do think it is worth it.

Glad they arrived ok too :smiley:


Last call for Christmas orders, guys!
Any orders later than Tuesday i can’t guarantee it will get there in time, especially if you are overseas!


Have you made sure to hold some copies back to put on your table at your next convention? Not to sell, just to look incredibly cool :smiley:


Nope, I’ll be selling them all! :joy:
They weren’t cheap to make, so I needs the cash! :wink:


Just wrapped the copy I got as a gift for my wife. Cheers for the personal message… I think…


You are more than welcome…I think! :joy:


So, CHUNKS #3 pages have started to come in…
Page One…Meet Dick