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The store is now….OPEN!


I’ll make sure I sign it this time!

Penis or no penis, Sir?


Just busting your chops, chief. :blush:

I’m glad it arrived ok and you are happy with it.
Thanks for the compliments on the quality too.
I know it was a big jump from £7 to £10 +P&P, but (I know I am biased) I think it looks AMAZING.
The quality is great, @DIZEVEZ’ cover loooks fantastic and Alek’s interior art :heart_eyes:
I’m so happy with it…and I know it’s cheesy and a cliche, but it’s true.
I couldn’t have done it without all you guys, supporting me, encouraging me and buying the books…so, what I am trying to say is, YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELVES TO BLAME…ummm, I mean, thank you,


As I was planning on getting the hardback as a Christmas present for the wife it should probably be penis free…


Ok :pensive:


Aaaaaaaaaand it’s on sale at Chaos City Comics St Albans!
Get your butts down there :blush:


Awesome, that’s great to see.


THANKS FOR THE ORDER, buddy :blush:


Christ that was a quick response, jacked into the matrix tonight are we?


All part of the instant gratitude service I supply! :blush:

Seriously, thanks!


I have now sold over 2,000 comics in the last 8 months!


I know of only one way to express my congratulations


You’re buying the drinks 17 Dec then!


Congratulations, Matt. I’m so happy for you.


You know the margin I’m making in these is pennies, right?!
As long as you want a Coca Cola, I can buy you that!
And only one mind you!


Thanks, mate.
The support you guys have given me this year is incredibly overwhelming, but even more so appreciated


Actual picture of Matt Garvey at home


Just keep the good comics (especially Chunks) coming. :wink:


More CHUNKS SOOM, I promise


I hope “SOOM” is a typo and not some crazy drive on the wrong side of the roader slang for a long time away or never. :wink:


If somebody opened a bar named “SOOM” nobody would get the joke.