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The store is now….OPEN!


Matt! Have you still got some left? Or is the first run sold out?


Yes, mate.
I got loads! :wink:
Sold just over 30% so far


40% gone :blush:


Just for you, pickle :wink:


We are at 50% sold so far!
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!:slight_smile:
Most likely won’t do another print anytime soon, it’s a REALLY big outlay for printing, so when it’s gone it’s gone!


Saw the order, thank you, buddy!


I’m glad that I put my order through in time.
Thank you for making the comics!


You sent me one that’s printed backwards :anguished:



you Dick, thats not even funny!
Ok, maybe a little bit :joy:


I was going to post something flattering about the quality of your delivery service, but then when I saw what’s I’d done to the photo (still don’t know how I did it :wink: ) I couldn’t resist…


its all good :wink:
glad it got there ok.

So, the hard cover, worth the couple of extra quid?


Honestly, yes. It’s a quality package, and these days I’m happy to spend a bit extra to get something that looks good and looks like it’s going to last.


Thats so great to hear, thank you.

Was worried…because a £3 jump is a big ask.
Personally i think it looks amazing and i’m incredibly proud of the way it looks…but i’m gonna be biased.
So, glad you like it, fella.
Thanks again fro buying it!
All you guys on here that have bought it, thank you!
I really do appreciated the constant support.
I know i keep saying it but i mean it.


The signing pile for this evening! :blush:


Put on one more, gonna need a hardback at payday.


Awwww, thanks buddy :blush:
I’ll put one aside…cause 60% has gone! :+1:


Told you I liked it. Appreciate the stash!


Might be writing a special one shot as we speak…shhhhh :thinking:


It’s payday on Monday, which means I’ll be making another order very soon!


Typical Garvey, I pay him £13.50 and he still ain’t happy! :wink:

More seriously, a very nice bit of work Matt - it kicks the crap out of whole lot of the pro trades including Icon! (A hint for the Empress trade for Millar)