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The store is now….OPEN!


that can be arranged!
but you might have to wait till December 17th though! :wink:


Hang on there…

You can do that? Garvey what gives? :wink:


You come to London, i’ll hand delivery them! :wink:



You can refund the postage cost at the same time :yum:


honestly, fella, that isn’t problem at all if you want to do that, but do you want to wait till December 17th to get it? :grimacing:

I am more than happy to do either!


I will wait. I want it hand delivered.

And I probably won’t have time to look at it until late December anyway!


Could I please have my copy sent by raven? Thanks Matt.


i’m so gonna wipe my junk all over yours now!


only if you are sure, fella, and i’ll buy you a pint or you can have the cash! :wink:


Those books are for my wife and my in laws…I hope you feel ashamed of yourself. :laughing:


i’m not gonna wash for a couple of days now for when i do it! :wink:


We can no longer be friends…


when were we ever?! :joy:




Those tears taste delicious…oh and i dont do refunds! :smile:


@davidm Thanks for the order, mate :smiley:


I’ve been holding off buying the later issues because I knew this was coming :wink:

But you realise I’m not going to buy anything else from you now until it’s out in hardback? :laughing:


no pressure! :smiley:


Just to give you all an update.
Hard copies are arriving on a Tuesday :blush:
So, Brits you should have the, by end of play next week!
Everyone, else gonna a beca few days after…air mail and all that jazz!


Posting tomorrow, :wink:

Only about ten more boxes to go through! :tired_face: