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The store is now….OPEN!


New hoodies arrive and the quality is awesome!
So happy with it…
If any one wants one…any colour, £35 including P&P (in the UK) :blush:


FYI they cost me £28 to make, plus £4.50 P&P…so I’m not making KICK ASS money off these! :laughing:


So, the good news is that if you now see me at a con, have no cash and the queue for the ATMs is looooooooong, i can now take card payments with this:

Paypal charge me 20p per transaction + 1.7-2.7% of the transaction value…but 50p is better than £1.90 to use a cash machine…


TRANSFER #1 is now up on comixology!


Now, how cool is this?


It is even better when you read it :smile:

…although (and I have said this before) that is a great cover.


I wouldn’t go that far!


I prefer this view…stuck next to another Essex boy!


THAT is VERY cool!!!
Thanks for showing that!!!


Oh my goodness!
Thanks you!!!


Just got it. Looking forward to reading. Thanks!


Hope you like it :grimacing:


I read it last night. Loved it! Original, with an exciting surprise. I look forward to reading the next issue, which is more than I can say about much that is on pull list. Well done!!


Ok, the figures are in…drum roll, please
In 7 months I’ve sold 1,523 comics!
Thank you so much to everyone who bought one!
THANK YOU!!!:blush:


Oh, wow!
Thank you soooo much, buddy.
So, glad you liked it…and you wanna know more!


I got a couple of CHUNKS T-Shirts left, large & extra large only! £15 each
First come, first served
UK shipping only


Any available with real Garvey con-sweat?


A guy actually wanted to buy the TRANSFER t-shirt I was wearing because it was the only one I had! :grimacing:


Oh my goodness!! I have to hear more of that story!


a guy, just came up to me and liked the t-shirt and wanted to buy it off my back! :smile: