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The store is now….OPEN!


That is incredible!


Thank you!

Still got 2.5 months left a comic con & a trade coming for Christmas…so hoping to smash 1,600 by the end if the year!

We have a big 2017 too, @DIZEVEZ :smiley:


[quote=“mattgarvey1981, post:621, topic:5322”]
I mean, it’s not REBORN numbers, [/quote]

No, but it’s beating a lot of NEW 52 numbers :wink:


DC need to let me write Swam Thing, that’ll help…:wink:


I might read a Swamp Thing full of dick and fart jokes instead of that morose shit the book usually gets up to. :wink:


no dick and fat jokes…but Swampy non the less! :wink:


I remember that now. Great stuff.


thanks buddy!
Loved writing it!


Yes!!! Very exciting!!!


Hard or soft, kids?


I had a really good joke lined up but you had to put kids at the end of your sentence.

I’m used to graphic novels being a softcover, but it being Steampunk I think a Hard Cover could work.

Both of those prices seem really cheap. I think you could mark them up a bit.



Prempting plonkers like you!

Nah, not fussed about making “money” on this, its juts to get it out there! :wink:
But cheers that you thinking it is worth more though! :blush:


Takes one to know one! :wink: (edited as thought I chose a wink and put the unamused face, doh)


New comic con hoodie ordered! :blush:


Oh, and one for my wife!
Thanks to the amazing @DIZEVEZ:blush:


Those look great!!
You will make quite the team!
Can not wait to hear how it goes
when is it again?


Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday! :blush:


Yeah, I prefer spaceballs


I’m just outraged that you’ve never seen Quantum Leap.


Not a bad thing, because I can never be accused of ripping it off! :blush: