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The store is now….OPEN!


Here’s the thing, I like to write comics.
Not a big deal, it keeps me off the streets, which pleases the wife.

I’m not saying I’m good at it, but I’m not saying I’m bad at it neither.

I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I pay my artists to draw my comics, because they deserve to be paid, so other writers listen up and do the same.
Stop with all the bad end pay crap!
Because I do the the quality of the art alone is fantastic!

I have got a few issues of my books CHUNKS and Cordelia Swift under my belt.
But here’s the rub: as of yet, I have yet to find a publisher to put them out, which is fine, I know my stories are not everyone’s cup of tea.
I’ve been sending PDF copies to people for reviews and thus far I’ve not had a one bad review…yet. (that’s not an invite for one either)
I’ve also been giving away free copies to anybody that asked and the response has been incredibly humbling, dozens of people (that’s right dozens) and a few shops have said that if I were to did a print run, they would buy copies.
Also, last month I signed up to do my first comic con in May at MCM London, so I decided to put my overdraft where my big fat mouth is and I paid for a print run.
Not a huge run, just 150 copies of each, but a run nonetheless.

Aaaaaaand the store is now open…

So, do me a favour, help out a fellow MillarWorlder out and get of your arse and buy a copy would ya?!
Because I’m now in debt!
I’d do the same for you! (that’s probably a lie, but the intent would be there)
But, maybe you should be two copies, because your friend is going to want one too and you know he/she is a complete dick and always late to the party. The run will sell out and then they’ll want to borrow your copy and screw up the spine or something.
You know what He/She is like, they can’t be trusted and that’s why you haven’t lent them your DVD collection of the Sopranos.
So, avoid that and buy two copies of each, ok?

Also, anybody who buys a physical hard copy of any of my comics will also get a free PDF too…and you won’t have to peel off a sticker to get it either!

Thanks for reading the post.

As always the support from you lot is always incredibly appreciated, so thanks.



The Wonder: Blood Read Book Promotion
Millarworld Annual Submission. Who submitted?

Very cool, Matt. I love your ethos. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but have you considered trying ComiXology’s Submit service for digital?


Hey Matt, I can’t access it right now (darn firewalls), but will check it out later.

For anyone who hasn’t read Chunks, it is awesome…


Quoted for truth.


Already submitted, fella.
did it two weeks ago, Just waiting fro approval :wink:


Incredibly kind of you to say, buddy!

Thank you! :smiley:


Very cool.


The truth can hurt! :wink:


@Bruce you absolute legend!


No worries mate. The books can’t be any worse than some of the shite I’ve bought over the years!!!


If that’s not a pull quote, I’ve never seen one. :wink:




Getting it tattooed tomorrow on my face!


Crap, filled my basket and couldn’t pay because I don’t use paypal anymore. I will use someone else’s when I get all the permissions needed.


Just saw your order, mate!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to them.




@James thanking you kindly, sir :wink:


No problem, looking forward to reading them.


You all realize that Matt is really just using this to collect all your addresses. :wink:

How bad are shipping costs from the UK to the US? I’ve read the stories but really love those Chunks covers. Plus, I want to make sure there’s more to come.