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The Sports Thread

Soccer always wins there but participation does not always equal a desire to watch, which is where the money comes in. It helps a little I think but nearly every woman I’ve met played netball at some time, I can’t think of any of them that have watched it on TV. Of course soccer is the most watched game in the world but I think the simplicity of the rules is probably a bigger factor in that than the relative ease to play.


I’m loving watching Andy Murray and Serena Williams play together. They are from such different backgrounds but he has always had her back when journalists choose to forget women’s tennis.

There seems genuine fondness there,


MLB All-Star Game. Fox. Now.

Right NOW!

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I know pretty much no one here follows cricket but this is pretty hilarious

NZ v England Final

Im heading down and trying to get a sneaky ticket.
If anyone lives in London and is keen for a pint on Saturday night let me know


Rockets trade Chris Paul to Thunder for Russell Westbrook

You a basketball fan Todd?

I’ve been watching the world cup. I was in the pub last night watching England v Australia, which was a surprisingly easy win. I enjoyed the NZ upset too.

Having not watched the game much for a few years the technology has really improved it. I used to get frustrated at bad calls, not necessarily because the umpires were bad but the game has such fine margins that happen really quickly. The TV review process has removed most of that and works well.

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Not as much as I used to be but I keep up a bit.

Looks like MLB is free today! Both on and cable - at least the White Sox / A’s - but all are marked “free”. Plus the Game of the Week on Fox, of course.

Please keep praying for my Rockies. They need it.

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Though God all things are possible. Except helping the Rockies win the West.


I just want them competing for the wild card! My Dodgers are fine, thanks; tore the anklestraps off the Red Sox yesterday.


This happened

Plus I was there!

Crickets a funny we game and rules are rules. England and NZ tie then have a super over also a tie and finally England win on a countback of scoring more boundaries than NZ to win the cricket World Cup.

So we didn’t lose the game but we lost the tournament.

England where clearly the better team throughout the tournament and we didn’t take our chances when we could.

But I was glad I was there to witness what has been described as the greatest game of One Day Cricket in History.

Right now I’m going to trot all over London and try and sell my comics


Good outing by the Rockies today. God didn’t hear your prayers @Miqque.


Thank you, Miami Marlins. If not for you, the Mets would have the worst record in the National League. :sob:


Sure he did, he just had more important shit on his hands than sports. :wink:


New York Mets 24 $95,852,203 $44,630,785 $16,297,650 $10,435,400 - $157,949,605

Miami Marlins
25 $51,008,905 $21,491,392 $1,463,330 $4,460,000 - $74,995,037

In theory, the Mets have one of the best teams in baseball.

In reality…

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Oh, He heard 'em. And He laughed and laughed …

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Meanwhile, in the “wha?” section.