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Really enjoyed the Rockies 12-2 win over visiting Padres yesterday. Watch the game today if it’s televised, it’s gorgeous here! We get to pummel the Padres again this afternoon. The Rocks are having a terrible climb back to .500 after a fully-crap start, but the last week or so has been gold. I think starting in the snow helped. Anyhow, yesterday was German Marquez - pitched great as usual, and he’s more than adequate at bat. Hit a bases-clearing double yesterday. I like pitchers who can hit, at least enough so they don’t have to bunt. I basically hate bunts. Except when it’s my team bunting and the pitcher and third baseman watch it slowly, oh so slowly roll fair. Then I likes me some bunts.


F&$k you, Wade Davis. You had one job. Just the one.


Celtic v Rangers today. Hope we pump them.

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I can see 2 teams going for it today and lots of goals

I’ve been told we are playing Johnstone and Hayes as wing backs and Burke and Eduoard up front together, interesting to see if that is what he goes for

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Be interesting to see if they changed it. It would be a departure from Lenny’s line of “I’m not changing anything”. I think Eddy plays better off another striker so hope you are correct.

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He definitely does; so having seen Burke in the line up in hoping he plays the two of them close enough together that they can at least link up

I think Lenny has recognised that we need a striker as a priority in summer, and I think he will go for a target man.

It’s all one getting more crosses in the box but we don’t really have anyone to get on the end of it.

A big striker with Edouard playing off him would be my first choice next season, ditch Rogic who I think is vastly overrated. Not consistent enough or creative enough to be a luxury player and the ball doesn’t stick often enough for him to be the guy to link it up.

In reality Christie could be playing that number 10 role but we need new players in summer.

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Hey @Jake - just watching Mets at nats - and your Nats got Gerardo Parra from the Rockies. Always liked watching him play, and his son is cool, too. (Kid is 7 or so.) There’s a positive move!

PS- We may well want him back.


The Boston Bruins will play for the Stanley Cup.
A perfect sweep of their opponent (Carolina Hurricanes), winning 4-0 to take the series 4-0.

San Jose leads St. Louis 2-1 in the Western Final with the important Game #4 going Friday night.

So now whats the stat on Boston/Massachusetts/New England sports teams playing for the Finals?

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I doubt this will actually be over as he has right of appeal but it has been very controversial and involves an argument about beliefs and promotion of them. I think Rugby Australia are right, Folau isn’t being asked to change what he thinks but he is very publicly promoting values directly opposing those that the organisation holds in their constitution about no discrimination.

My first job was with a bank and it was written in to my contract that poor fiscal management was a sackable offence as we were advising customers to manage their money. We knew going in the measure was 2 bounced cheques and we’re done, even if in 90% of jobs they’d never know.


I’m hoping for a San Jose win over Boston in the final. Jumbo Joe deserves it.


I hope Boston sweeps them. SJ has been the beneficiary of way too many shit calls during these playoffs. They deserve squat. I may be a tad bit biased though.



Tacko Fall. The UCF big man was in the national spotlight when his team nearly upset Duke in the NCAA tournament’s second round. And now he’s making a case for an NBA future by shot blocking and playing solid pick-and-roll defense in front of scouts. After a strong showing in the G League Elite Camp earned Fall a spot at the combine, the Senegal product measured at 7-foot-7 in shoes with an 8-foot-2¼ wingspan and a 10-foot-2½ standing reach — shattering all the previous measurement records. Those measurements factored with a better-than-expected scrimmage performance should thrust Fall onto most mock draft boards.




Boo! Hiss!

A columnist in these parts says to go to Google and type in “I hate the Bruins” to get 2.71 million hits.
Dedicated hate for the Boston Bruins and alone for Brad Marchand.
I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say they are the most hated in the NHL.

Count me in for San Jose & Joe Thornton.
They do have things going their way. Fate.


I actually do like the Bruins, and Marchand even more, (I tend to like villains) but I’d like to see Jumbo Joe get a cup. It would be even more satisfying beating Boston in the final because of the trade controversy.


St. Louis scored in the first minute, and held on for a 2-1 win.
Series is tied 2-2, and Game # 5 goes back to San Jose on Sunday at noon Pacific - 3pm Eastern.

The NHL has released the Stanley Cup Finals schedule
Boston has home-ice advantage and host games 1, 2, 5, and 7
all games at 5pm Pacific - 8pm Eastern

Boston Bruins (A2) vs. San Jose Sharks (P2)/St. Louis Blues (C3)

Monday, May 27, 8 p.m.: Sharks/Blues @ Bruins | NBC, SN, CBC, TVA Sports

Wednesday, May 29, 8 p.m.: Sharks/Blues @ Bruins | NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVA Sports

Saturday, June 1, 8 p.m.: Bruins @ Sharks/Blues | NBCSN, SN, CBC, TVA Sports

Monday, June 3, 8 p.m.: Bruins @ Sharks/Blues | NBC, SN, CBC, TVA Sports

*Thursday, June 6, 8 p.m.: Sharks/Blues @ Bruins | NBC, SN, CBC, TVA Sports

*Sunday, June 9, 8 p.m.: Bruins @ Sharks/Blues | NBC, SN, CBC, TVA Sports

*Wednesday, June 12, 8 p.m.: Sharks/Blues @ Bruins | NBC, SN, CBC, TVA Sports


Magic Johnson takes another torch to the Lakers on ESPN’s ‘First Take’

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I will cheer against the Bruins if they play St. Louis.


Looks to me like it will be St. Louis.
San Jose lost it the last game and showed their age and lack of energy.

And now Hertl and Karlsson will not play game #6 tonight (in St.L) and Pavelski is a game time decision.

It would take a miracle for SJ to force a game 7.

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Blues 5 Sharks 1 their luck ran out finally.
Monday game 1 St Louis at Boston