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I need to preface this by saying I was corrupted(:wink:) at a very young age. My fall weekends as a child were spent focused on one thing: Notre Dame football games. My dad was a diehard subway alumnus(which means he did not go there but he followed them like he had). I’ve even been to home and away games of Notre Dame.
I don’t want to be a fan but sometimes I can’t help it. I have a soft spot for them.

Last Night, I felt real good. I believe ND should feel somewhat vindicated. Everyone complained that ND did not belong in the playoff. After last night, I believe they should hold their head high. They played Clemson just as tough if not tougher than the MIGHTY Alabama. pt spread ND -27 ALA -28, with about 5 min to go in 1st half, Clem 9 ND 3 compared with Clem 28 ALA 16. so


Notre Dame didn’t belong in the playoffs, though. Granted, going undefeated is hard but not with the schedule they had. They should be thankful Clemson pulled the starters, otherwise the score would have been much worse than 30-3. They benefited from a weak schedule and a generous, delusional CFP voting committee.

And no, they didn’t play Clemson as tough as Alabama did. Even with the score 31-16 at the half there was still the possibility of Alabama coming back at the half, which is what they usually do. Although the score was closer with Notre Dame, the outcome was never in question.


but was the Alabama game ever in question? that is my question. I am not going to debate ND’s schedule with you but I will say consistency should be rewarded. If it were the NFL, should the Pats get docked because they play a softer schedule than the Chargers.

Georgia finished 11-3 ND finished 12-1. ND had a better record than Georgia. end of story. if you want to talk business, who travels better ND or Georgia? If ND was in the championship game, do you think there would be stories about concerns over tickets sold or revenue lost in Santa Clara. I have another NFL reference for you, If the Rams and Saints were the 2 best teams in the league, should we repeat the NFC championship in the Super Bowl? Georgia lost their chance to move on when they lost the SEC championship.

Any other team did not deserve even consideration. Ohio State is like the Cowboys of college football. Their “bark is bigger than their bite”. Pac 12 teams are weak overall.


Georgia had a much better strength of schedule than Notre Dame. The last two times Notre Dame was given a gift of the CFP they shit the bed big time. Embarrassed themselves.
The concerns about ticket sales aren’t due to lack of fan interest but due to proximity. Two Southern teams have to travel further to Santa Clara from their locations than Tua’s family in Hawaii. So not only is distance a factor, but it’s an expensive area of the country, too. Put that game in the Sugar Bowl or Atlanta and it’s a non story.

Don’t care at all about NFL references as this is a different system, different method to chose a winner. You may as well pick baseball or hockey as a comparison.


NFL is a terrible comparison. The Pats schedule is entirely dictated by NFL rules. Notre Dame completely controls who they play, moreso than any other top-tier college program as long as they remain independent.


Notre Dame looked awful in their bowl game. It takes a brave coach to run a Swiss-cheese offensive line against a good pass rush team.

This all boils down to, of course, the fact that the ranking system is still flawed and subjective.


I found it quite emotional listening to his press conference. There’s something that feels very unfortunate about someone playing at his level having his career abruptly curtailed like this.

I’m sure he will have a long second life afterwards in one of the many directions that are open to someone in his position, but it’s sad to see his tennis career end like this.


To be fair, Notre Dame looks awful against most teams that are decent.