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i was just coming here to do this :grinning:


I can remember when the NHL added the New York Islanders and the Atlanta Flames in 1972 to bring the number of teams up to 16. Now it will be double that number.

It’s a good thing I don’t like hockey, so I don’t have to memorize all the team names. :wink:


Good. He’s a piece of crap.


Seattle seems a good sports town, and hockey seems a really good fit. Evening up the divisions helped baseball (dang Astros!).

I just hope they do not get called the Seattle Cattle.


Seattle Sea Cows?


I hope they go with Kraken…

Sockeyes defeated Totems in the final of a four-round Seattle Times poll that attracted 146,144 votes. Metropolitans finished third. Next came Steelheads, Kraken, Sasquatch, Freeze and Emeralds.


I was listening to Golic and Wingo this morning and Golic said the same thing. Him and Wingo were talking about Seattle using the Kraken like San Jose and have the Players skate out of a Kraken’s mouth. Also used the phrase “Release the Kraken” a lot. Maybe they can Get Liam Neeson to come to the home opener and say it before the game starts.