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i was just coming here to do this :grinning:


I can remember when the NHL added the New York Islanders and the Atlanta Flames in 1972 to bring the number of teams up to 16. Now it will be double that number.

It’s a good thing I don’t like hockey, so I don’t have to memorize all the team names. :wink:


Good. He’s a piece of crap.


Seattle seems a good sports town, and hockey seems a really good fit. Evening up the divisions helped baseball (dang Astros!).

I just hope they do not get called the Seattle Cattle.


Seattle Sea Cows?


I hope they go with Kraken…

Sockeyes defeated Totems in the final of a four-round Seattle Times poll that attracted 146,144 votes. Metropolitans finished third. Next came Steelheads, Kraken, Sasquatch, Freeze and Emeralds.


I was listening to Golic and Wingo this morning and Golic said the same thing. Him and Wingo were talking about Seattle using the Kraken like San Jose and have the Players skate out of a Kraken’s mouth. Also used the phrase “Release the Kraken” a lot. Maybe they can Get Liam Neeson to come to the home opener and say it before the game starts.




Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin is at 29 goals this season and will become the first player to have 30 or more goals in each of his first 14 seasons.
That’s insane.

After extending last season by 2 months, winning the Cup, and partying hard all summer, he’s still doing it.
The man is a machine.

If anyone can overtake Gretzky’s record its him.


No one will ever beat Gretzky’s record under this rule set. Ovie (and eventually McDavid) will come closest but they would need to significantly change the rules for that to happen. But considering how different the game is today, it’s insane that Ovie has this many goals. He is an amazing hockey player.


Just going to let @Jake know we’re talking about Ovie.

I can’t argue with your point, but it’s getting talked about.


He would need to get at least 41 goals for the next 7 seasons, or something like that, and he can’t get injured. He’ll get close, but he won’t break it.


I think a lot could depend on whether he stays in the NHL. He’s one of the players who was pissed about the Olympics last year. There’s a handful of us around DC who’ve started to wonder if he goes home now that he’s got his Cup.


This own goal is so bad it makes you question if match fixing is involved, except I can kind of see what he is trying to do and executes so badly.



I hope Vancouver Canucks center Elias Petterson puts on a good show for everyone.
This kid is awesome! Selected #5 in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.
Last season in Sweden he was MVP of the regular season, and MVP of the Playoffs.
NHL Rookie of the month for October and December. He’s the front-runner for the Calder trophy.

If he keeps doing what he’s doing and Vancouver makes the playoffs, he’ll be in the talk for the Hart Trophy.

Although I honestly think Vancouver should miss the playoffs, and then the Hockey Gods can smile on us and we win the First overall selection in the 2019 Draft (hosted by Vancouver) where Jack Hughes is expected to go first overall (and Vancouver drafted his brother Quinn Hughes at #7 in the 2018 Draft).

I can dream can’t I?
Whatever happens, the future looks bright.


Last night Clemson didn’t just beat Alabama to become the first unbeaten 15-0 team in history. They broke them. By the third quarter the players eyes and body language showed they just wanted the game to be over. Clemson out played, out coached and out classed them. What an awesome, awesome game.