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Watched the whole game. I am soooo tired!
Make sure to watch the Nunez clip. After that he got knocked ass-over-teakettle one more time, then made a great catch of a foul - but went into the seats bass-ackwards to do it. I think he checked into Cedars-Sinai after that. Either there or Forest Lawn - he took a heckuva beating.


Finally the Boston sports drought is over.


There’s always next year.

Almost the way I expected things to go, but thought the Rox would beat the brewskis.

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox and David Price: Helluva team!


Texas Rangers :heavy_check_mark: @Rangers

Hey @Dodgers, the support group for back-to-back #WorldSeries losers meets on Tuesdays.

9:19 PM - Oct 28, 2018


Douglas Adams posthumously wrote that World Series. It was a five game series won in six.



This is pretty great news (that I completely missed yesterday when it was announced). Formula E has been developing well over the last few years and this upcoming season should see it get even better - the cars look amazing and the batteries will last a full race now, so they’re ditching the car swap thing (on the other hand, they’re switching to a 45 minutes plus one lap format, which is a bit odd).

One of the biggest problems it’s had though, is that TV coverage has been terrible. ITV4 had it originally and clearly spent about 50p on it. Channel 5 picked it up last year, threw Vernon Kay (of all people) at it as host, but still couldn’t even commit to broadcasting all the races live on its main channel. So a proper sports broadcaster getting the rights should really help it grow and fill the void left when F1 goes off free-to-air TV next season (even if it is being shoved on the digital services and not a proper channel). At the very least, I’m hoping it won’t be so easy to miss races now.

The other problem the sport has though is that the driver line-ups are often so volatile. I don’t entirely buy into the cult of personality argument about F1 (BBC News climbed up Hamilton’s colon today, for instance, by essentially claiming his media profile is keeping the sport afloat and that without him there’s no-one else comparable, seemingly ignorant of Vettel and Ver Stappen), but it is harder to care about the championship when a third of the drivers don’t turn up to every race. Hopefully that’ll settle down more now. There’s a few more F1 exiles joining next season, including Felippe Massa, which I think will help.

Also, I’m totally taking credit for this.




This crash is quite astonishing. Moreso is that the driver, 17 year old Sophia Floersch has a fracture of the vertebrae but seems to be in an okay condition and has been tweeting from hospital. Watch the video in the article that car is flying through the air (must be some kind of brake or gear failure as it seems to be going full on straight speed into the corner).


Yikes. Hope she recovers ok. I wonder What the deceleration speed of that impact was.





This is pretty incredible.

(there’s a little video in the tweet, but the gist is that Robert Kubica has been announced as driving for Williams next year).

There’s quite a few caveats to all this - Kubica is bringing sponsorship money, which Williams need, as their Martini deal ends next year, Lance Stroll’s bankrolling father has bought a different team and their Russian pay driver, Sirotkin, is having funding issues, I think; the car has been pretty dire this year and there’s nothing to suggest it’s going to be much better next year, so this wasn’t a massively desirable seat (though Esteban Ocon was hoping to get it after being turfed out of Force India for Stroll).

But still, to get from having a near career ending accident like Kubica’s to returning to F1 with restricted mobility is impressive. I hope he does well next year.


Bell and Luck. 2nd coming of Peyton and James?


When the game is not going to one’s satisfaction…

The last one’s for Brady and the Patriots.



Ha! Can’t wait to watch Highly Questionable today.