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Somewhere out there I hope Miqque is watching this wildcard game. It’s high tension so far.


Well Miqque will be happy.



Hmmmm an unique approach there. :joy:


saw this as it happened. it was a very impressive play.


So the other night I tried to record the Caps’ banner raising ceremony, so Soph could watch it later. And of course the ceremony was on a different channel than the pregame show. We just realized it this afternoon. #dadfail


The Rockies paid HOW MUCH for THAT bullpen? And the power outage! HIT the damned ball! No? “There’s always next year.”

But, I’m biteamal. The Dodgers remain alive.

Doesn’t matter. The Astros are going to take it again. Dang Verlander!


Take comfort in the fact that at least your team HAD a post-season. Unlike a certain bunch from Queens who only showed some spark during the last month of the regular season.


That was a post season?


The Astros just finished sweeping the Cleveland Indians.


Yup. Dodgers are trailing by a run in the 5th, if they lose that’s a tie and Game 5. The Astros, meanwhile, chillax.

And @rocket - the rumbles about Vance Joseph are deep.
Maybe they should have a meeting?


Yay Dodgers! Yay being biteamal!

Yay Astros?

And, damn, Boston, make your point and siddown, willya? Geesh!


I am a Mets fan and I liked the blowout last night of the Yankees…but at least the Yankees aren’t afraid to spend big time on talent to improve their team


Just to give you lot a laugh - MLB runs some playoff games free on TV.
On channel 420.



I like this idea “Cartoon characters on the player’s shirts, this will also encourage the childrens to watch football”

Source: The Buzz Sports




This is a pretty candid interview with a sportsman who I always liked, but seemed to get written off as boring and unlikeable by a lot of snooker fans.

Some revealing quotes in there.


No shit. That was really interesting, illustrating the price you pay for greatness and how it can wreck your life. It’s funny, you don’t think of the snooker players as being complex people but they really were. I can only imagine if some of the greats rose today and were subject to social media, reality TV and so on. We just thought they were boring types but each of them is a complex man with far more going on than was ever presented.

I get the feeling becoming famous must be a terrible thing. I can see why people work so hard for fame, but I don’t know how many are able to maintain happiness over the course of their lives.


Slight change in tone from the above…