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At this stage it’s more a news story than a sports story.


This story gives me the warm fuzzies.

Probably nobody cares, but here’s my thoughts. I’ll always prefer NL play to AL, as I’m not fond of pitchers who cannot or will not hit. Combine two of my frequent statements; I played a little bit as a pitcher, and nothing is as satisfactory as hitting something with a baseball bat. That said, my teams:

#1 (tie) Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers.
#2 Whoever is beating the Arizona Diamondbacks.
#3 Yanks/Red Sox. Don’t care about rivalry. Although AL, these two elite teams are always a joy to watch. Congrats to Boston on 100 wins!
#4 Any live baseball.
#5 San Francisco Giants. I hate them as I am required to do by being Dodgers/Rockies fan. I was never as cold and miserable as in Candlestick Park with the fog in and couldn’t even see the field and distinctly underdressed so it’s all the Giants’ fault! They nevertheless deserve grudging respect, and I do like some Posey and Kung Fu Panda.

Scorned Teams. It’s still pro ball, and everybody should be good, but history, owners and hideously crappy play place some teams in the Please Beat Them More category.

Kansas City Royals. Just hapless and hopeless and self-destructive. If a friend wasn’t a big fan I’d be harsher, but their hideous, like the Baltimore Oriole’s already-lost-102+ season, is just an insult to fans.
Oakland A’s. Just don’t like Oakland much of anything. So, sue me.
Cincinnati Reds. Marge Schott. Ohio. Not fond of either. Just down on this particular organization.
Arizona Diamondbacks. A worthy opponent, therefore deserving of all the venom I can muster at all times. Like the Seattle Mariners, they briefly had Randy Johnson and got a pass at that time. Now they are a major irritant and Must Smash Snakes!

Nearly the post season! Exciting times!

Or, to quote myself from last year, “Fuck Verlander!”

PS: Rockies host the Diamondbacks TODAY at 3:10pm Eastern Time, FREE on Facebook Watch! Go to Facebook, search MLB Watch and it should pop right up. Use the sprocket to turn off the comments or they will drive you quite mad.


Concept design, by Ross Brawn, of what F1 cars might look like under proposed revised regulations for 2021.

Nice. We’ll never get that (and even if we do, someone will find a way of dangling something extra somewhere on it) but still, nice design.


The group rhythmic gymnastic finals from Bulgaria this afternoon were spectacular. I can’t understand why this isn’t the most popular sport in the world, it’s awesome :hushed:


David, we warned you not to eat those mushrooms growing by the oak tree.


I’m deadly serious. You watch a tiny girl throw a hoop 20 feet in the air, do six backflips and be in perfect position to catch it with her foot, and you think, Captain America only wishes he was this good :open_mouth:


Sounds interesting, but it will never be more popular than THE greatest sport: women’s beach volleyball.

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It raises the question - what is the dullest sport you like to watch?

I think curling at the winter Olympics for me. It’s basically cold brushing. I’ll watch it for hours. No idea why.




I don’t watch a lot of sports, but I love road cycling which I guess some people find dull as hell. It’s poetry.


Golf. But some of the shots are fantastic, there’s occasional drama, occasional humor, and it is so very soothing.


I love curling specifically because of its banality. It reminds me of being a kid in the Bronx, watching the old men playing shuffleboard at the local Italian Club.


I have been known to waste a couple of hours watching the bowls on BBC2 which is essentially curling without the excitement of the ice and brushes. You can’t really fault a sport where the world champion used to live down the road from me and he was 57 year old.


Snooker, darts, bowling… Seems like all the sports I like to watch are ones you can play in a pub.



Fucking bullpen.




In stunning baseball news, the Boston Red Sox (107-51) beat the Baltimore Orioles (45-112) 19-3.

I needed to get one thing right today.


Hey @Miqque, you’re welcome.