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American sport is rightly known for its ability to present and hype a game.

There’s a challenger here from France though. The ‘Racing 92’ rugby team in Paris have a newly built indoor stadium that quite a few have compared to being in a nightclub at Ibiza. Check out the video, even announcing the assistant coaches seems exciting. :smile:

I know @Jim will approve, he admires good presentation.


That’s a pretty strong forward pack!
Love that they are all in suits as well bringing a bit of class and French flair to it


Tracksuits will not be accepted in Paris. :smile:


Five minutes is an awful lot of foreplay but I love the effort. Essentially all sports should be like the introduction of Hulk from Thor Ragranok.


My niece and her husband (a huge fan of GAA football) hosted a brunch today to watch the All-Ireland football final. We had so much fun chatting that no one actually paid attention to the match.

I should try watching the Jets and Giants that way. :slight_smile:


No real need. The Golden State Dubliners won handily, breaking the misguided hearts of my Tyrone relatives.


It was my dullest all Ireland in a while.


What MW Alumnus Kieran is up to.


Rockies bullpen tries to blow a 7-2 lead and of course succeeds, making the score 8-7 San Francisco. Luckily the offense is not having any more of this noise and came back to scrape a win 9-8, putting them (for the moment) on top of the NL West. As I noted, i don’t think they have a chance at the Wild Card, the other teams would beat them. Only chance is to win the Division. They heard me.

Now off to see what the Dodgers and Mets have to say about it.


Mets beat the Dodgers and Arizona lost. I do believe that puts the Rockies in first place.

(Kenley Jensen has not been the same since his health scare. Gave up two singles and a homer.)


Off to see if my Rockies are maintaining their tentative hold on first place.


After an hour and five minute rain delay, the first inning was messy. And then Story became the story of the night.

It was h-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ge!


Anyone watching the Wales-Ireland game? I’m watching the Fra-Ger and they keep showing highlights. 2-0 Wales


Kevin Garnett sues, claims CPA conspired to loot him of $77M with man in prison for defrauding Tim Duncan


Oooh yes someone was! Nathan Ampadu, 17 years old and playing amazingly. Gareth Bale on 10 goals from 9 games this season.

Giggs dropped some stalwarts and played some young talents and they all looked amazing. I’m a happy man.


Having bled Dodger Blue for 47 years, then moving to be near my adoptive Rockies, this is the weekend ol’ Miqque’s heart is going to be torn out no matter what happens.

Here’s where I become a big San Diego fan and pray for the to Smash the Snakes!




For those who only follow baseball at the playoffs - we’re almost there! Here’s a recap of some of the top teams and top races.

As said, my Rockies and Dodgers are in a three-way dogfight / furball in the NL West, along with evil, nasty Diamondbacks.

Here’s my take. AL this year is very entertaining, a bunch of teams (Red Sox, Yankees, Tampa Bay, Indians, and above all Astros) playing excellent ball. OTOH, also some of the suckiest teams in history, led by the anchor weight of the hapless Baltimore Orioles who have already lost 102 games with more to go. AL or NL, the cellar-dwellers this year are horrid bad. San Diego and Cincinnati richly deserve their spots, and Kansas City worked very hard to get where they are. Other teams like the Mets, Brewers, Angels - and, to be honest, Colorado - have looked better than they are compared to some really hideous teams.

All that said, the hideous Snakes are visiting beautiful downtown Denver tonight, and the game is free (link in article). 8:40pm Eastern, 6:40pm MOUNTAIN.


I’m really rooting for the A’s. How could you not - they’re the ultimate underdog.


Too well i remember what Oak Land did to my Dodgers in 1986. And 1987. And so on until my Rockies were birthed. And they are in the same city as the loathsome Raiders. They had an Eckersley. And i have a long, long memory.