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Saw a great movie last night - 61* directed and produced by Billy Crystal. It’s about the race between Mantle and Maris to break Ruth’s 60-hone-run season. Done just right! HBO.



I’m not sure how good he’ll be, the Australian League for association football is pretty low down the quality list but it seems to show he really wants to play the game rather than it be a gimmick.


If this doesn’t hit you right in the heart then fuck you.


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'tis a most wonderful evening to be a Mets fan, @alx and @njerry!

And it looks like a club record.


Yeah, the Mets beat the Orioles 16-5 on Wednesday, then battered the Phillies in the first game yesterday 24-4. That’s 40 runs in two games, probably more than they scored the entire month of July!


This is not the year to be a fan of Baltimore, Kansas City, San Diego or the south side of Chicago.


The first 10 seconds of the video is like an episode of Chucklevision. Keeping it classy in Belfast with a food fight. :smile:


I was watching the Cardiff City- Newcastle game this morning and saw this.
@garjones , are you sponsoring your hometown team in the EPL?


It is rather a coincidence that a few years ago (but long after I started living here) my club that I have supported for decades was bought by a Malaysian billionaire tycoon named Vincent Tan, not only that but his daughter in law was the photographer at my wedding.

He says he is a patriot and loses 6 million pounds a year not to use a sponsor and put ‘Visit Malaysia’ on the shirts instead. I believe him because when you reach the Premiership there’s crazy money and I’ve never heard in recent times of any team without a shirt sponsor.


NY baseball having another good day.

Rockies play Atlanta, and they seem pretty evenly matched along though now. Rox beat them 11-4 last night, but dang if two of the runs were not chalked up to the bullpen. Them boys are on serious Miqque-Probation! I’m looking at you, Wade Davis!