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British Open: Francesco Molinari wins with slow and steady pace



This one is a bit crazy. After a match they lost in the World Cup Rugby Sevens tournament in San Francisco one of the Samoa players went crazy in the tunnel and attacked 3 of his Welsh opponents with a volley of punches. One has two facial fractures and had to be removed from the squad for the next day’s games. He was arrested and is in court in SF today on four assault and battery charges.

Despite the violent nature of the game on the field this is pretty unheard of, typically rugby players shake hands and applaud each other off the pitch. Pacific Island players especially are known for being brutal on the pitch but gentle off it, maybe the case will shed some light on what caused him to flip because even if he escapes a stint in a US prison he’ll surely get a lengthy ban of at least 2 years and has completely fucked his career.


This just raises more questions!


I am currently praying Geraint Thomas doesn’t crash his bike in the next two days. If he doesn’t he’s the first Welsh winner of the Tour De France and second born in Britain.
Yes I am being harsh but nobody seems to like Chris Froome.


Froome got stopped by a gendarme a couple of stages back and Thomas n ok w seems to have locked up the Tour for himself. Now he joins a list of English riders who have won the Tour :sweat_smile:


Emmmmm no. :slight_smile: He’s Welsh.


I know hence the emoji. Just having a lil fun with @garjones


This man, Steve Williams, was the school P.E. (Physical Education) teacher for Gareth Bale (scored the winning goal in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final for Real Madrid), Sam Warburton (2 times unbeaten captain of the British and Irish Lions rugby team) and Geraint Thomas (2018 Tour De France winner).

All 3 are also very modest and well spoken fellas too that nobody much has a bad word to say about. Thomas just passed over his right to allow himself to ride into Paris out front as winner so an 18 times French veteran could do it for his home fans.

All in a comprehensive (state school) on a standard budget. Good job Steve, I think an OBE should be on the way.


Anybody have a clue as to what’s going on with the St. Louis Cardinals?

July 31: The Cardinals made a surprising deal Tuesday morning, sending outfielder Tommy Pham to the Rays for a trio of prospects. For a club that entered the day at 54-52 and only four games out of a National League postseason spot, this could indicate St. Louis is planning to sell. If so, what’s next?
“I think the Cardinals are willing to shake things up right now,” insider Jon Heyman said on MLB Network. “They’re not happy with the way things are going. They’re barely over .500 … and clearly are in a sell mode.”

It was just July 14th when manager Mike Matheny was abruptly fired; seemingly out of nowhere.

With a winning season and good gate, all I can think of is owners in a financial scrape.





Has anyone checked in on @alx or @njerry ? Even if you may have lost interest in following your team, a game like that has to hurt.


Yeah. I had 2 tickets to this Saturday’s Mets game – field level, along the third base line – but I just gave them to one of my employees. I just have no desire to support the team right now; I’d rather watch the debut of “Three Billboards…” on HBO Saturday night.


It was awful. The owners don’t invest in good players and this is what happens.


More importantly, I think the Wilpons need to invest in good trainers and team doctors, in an effort to keep the players from constantly and consistently getting injured. When was the last time team captain David Wright actually played an official game? I believe it was June 2016.


Been screaming for the Rockies to get a hand-specialist physical therapist (at the very least) for about five years. All the way back to my first year of nursing I worked with an LVN named John who spent most of the year as a trainer with the Padres. It’s really important! Football, you put somebody back together with baling wire and freeze spray and back they go to bash each other some more. There’s more finesse to baseball, and hands are important.

Even in a 25-4 shellacking.




I kinda loved that 25-4 pounding. Only because the Nats are such a struggling team right now and they needed a huge win.