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Not a surprise. I’m just glad we were saved from having another bullshit “The Decision” time waster.


Amen to that.


That time waster raised a million for charity.

I’m going to find it hard to root for LeBron in LA.


The good thing is he won’t be playin*in any more finals, so your hard time will wrap up early.


The Western Finals might as well be called the championship…

The East teams got nothing.



What an incredibly dumb article.


Couldn’t decide if this goes in the sports thread or the gaming thread.


That’s amazing. I can’t quite process how I feel about it. I expect it’ll start becoming a trend now.


I missed this today among all the football build-up. Quite an upset.

I’ve never really liked Federer so I’m always rooting for the underdogs in his matches.


Federer was the guest on Running Wild with Bear Grylls last week - no idea when it was taped. But I liked him better after.

Also, sports:


John Isner is stuck in another never ending tennis match. It’s at 23-23 in the final set at the moment. The commentators (John McEnroe especially) are fed up, the crowd is restless (they don’t seem to care who wins as long as someone does) and the BBC schedulers are likely bricking it because they’ve still got the Nadal-Djokovic match to show, for which they’ll either need to boot their prime time BBC One schedule or the First Night of the Proms (live) on Two.

I think John Isner has broken tennis. Again.


Cardinals abruptly sack manager Mike Matheny


It’s easy to forget sometimes how good Formula 1 is, with its organisation and presentation at least (if not always the races).
Take Formula E. I kinda like Formula E and I would like to follow it properly. But, its races are disparate, usually with month-plus gaps between them, and so it’s hard to keep track of them, not least because the series link I put on for recording them doesn’t actually work and always breaks. I suspect that’s down to Channel 5, who broadcast the races (sometimes) and are terrible. It’s the last race weekend of the season this weekend, with two races in New York. The kind of glamorous location you might want to crow about. There’s been no advertising for it (as far as I’ve seen anyway) and I completely forgot about yesterday’s race. There was a highlights programme of it on this morning, except it… just disappeared. Some crappy police reality show was put on instead, with no explanation, and the highlights programme has vanished from the schedule.
Which is particularly bad given the championship was decided in that race.
It would be nice is a proper sports broadcaster, like the BBC, could pick it up.


Somebody musta said a bad word! Wow. For poor performance, it sounds like? Have they seen Baltimore or Kansas City?



The last minute was full of cheating. Typical baseball.




For those interested, it looks like tomorrow (Friday the 20th) and are featuring all games as Free Game of the Day. If you haven’t tried it, they will black out your local team on mlbtv, but you can see the statcast always on The live Free Games offer a choice of broadcast source and should be available on all devices. They do this twice a season, I think, to sell subscriptions (the price drops mid-season and a bit before the playoffs. I think I got the final month of last season for ten bucks. Playoffs and WS is pricey, and on broadcast.)