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I thought we had too much carbon dioxide! I wish these scientists would make their minds up.


Obviously climate change has been solved by beer drinking.


Let me say how happy I am with my Rockies’ $100M-dollar bullpen.

By giving up eight or more runs in eight straight home games, the #Rockies tied 1889 KC Cowboys (American Assn) and 1894 NL
Washington Senators. Record is 9 – 1894 Browns (now #Cardinals). Per @EliasSports

Aaaannd the Rockies came back on a 3-run homer by McMahon to win 10-8.
Ya just never know!



A $4.5m increase? Everybody’s one bad contract just got easier.
Better sign two more…

After 1 & 2 then the trades could start. A lot of rumors going around.
Find out Friday.


Yeah…I keep forgetting that hockey is a sport…



hockey > everything





Put Harden on the Cavs and they barely make the playoffs.

Put Lebron on the Rockets and they beat the Warriors.

MVP my ass.



This is pretty impressive, the coach fired 9 days into a 3 year contract and without there being any games or even a training session! What could he have done?


Somebody is bound to have a list. I’m thinking “found screwing owner’s wife” may be near the top.


he was hired by the previous management. Guy who hired was fired and new guy doesn’t want him, From what I understand the club is also very bad at Security, Team was attacked by fans and some of the best players quit. Team seems to be a true


I’m from Portugal and I’m a Sporting fan.
What happened this year at Sporting has been simply unacceptable.
The previous Club President Mr. Bruno de Carvalho (that was “fired” 6 days ago after a massive vote with more than 71% votes to take him out - more than 15000 club associates voted in this extraordinary assembly of associates. It was the 2nd highest voting season in the club history, only below a presidential election a few years ago with 17000 club associates).
Bruno after a loss last April against Atletico Madrid spoke very badly about the players performance in facebook, clearly offending them. At least since then, the relation between President and Players has been very bad, and near the end of the season some hooligans have been provoking the players. First in the 3rd to last game of the season they provoked a very important player, he’s our Goalkeeper (in history terms he’s the 2nd highest player in tems of matches played at the club ~450) launching during the match lot of incendiary devices to the pitch in his area. The following week the team lost a match that took made the club lose the possibility to play Champions League this new season, and this time there were many events involving hooligans, first in the airport, and lately in the club stadium garage (a place where, supposedly no one from outside should have had access). Two days later the same (and more) hooligans (between 40-50) invaded the club’s academy and attacked the team (to be objective only 5 players were clearly attacked: Bas Dost, Rui Patricio - GK, William Carvalho, Battaglia and Acuña). These players were treated badly. Bas Dost being the worst example (there should be some photos on the internet…). Following that several club officials that weren’t part of the club’s management have been trying, first to ask that the president’s resign and due to his negative answers, they amounted enough associates requests that a general assembly was taken last Saturday, and the President was voted out.
But before that 9 players have resigned, and all of them excused themselves pointing the President as being guilty of what happened (and there’s a lot of suspicion about it, because he’s very close to these sect of fans).
Now a transition commission is running the club until new elections on September 8th.
They are trying to bring most of the players back, but if they fail they will take each case to the portuguese courts or FIFA. I hope most cases have to be trialed at FIFA, because I don’t trust the portuguese tribunals in this case. In Portugal the players will win for sure, while at FIFA it may be the other way around.
And some of the 9 players have no reasonable right to resign since they weren’t targets (only 5 players were targets, and of those 5, 4 resigned and 1 didn’t).
The problem with the players winning this case is that it will become very “easy” to start this kind of scene around the world. The club security was not the best, but when they have more than 40 people attacking them there’s little they can do. They say they will improve security systems and measures, but I guess this could happen at any club and would become a precedent to allow players to leave clubs without indemnity.
Now this new season looks already lost to Sporting. The Fired President had hired Sinisa Mihajlovic, and the transition commision has fired just “because”…
I guess they just fired him because he had been hired by the Fired President… no other reasonable reason can be given. And don’t know which team we will have because an hired Goalkeeper, could apparently be sacked too … again, just because … I think this season may be the worst of all seasons… lets hope the club doesn’t start a self-extinction event from this…


Thanks for the insight Francisco. What a complete and utter mess!


Lebron opts out of Cleveland and is now a free agent



A shame - I thought the most recent indications were that he would be fit.