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But it doesn’t (assuming you mean real football here, not NFL). Half time is about 15 minutes, which allows broadcasters to catch up on the ad time missed out on from the first half and post-match punditry allows for the rest.


It also depends on the broadcast model too. Tennis here is all on subscription sport channels, they don’t really make their money from ads so in those breaks we get Federer eating a banana and some analysis.

Revenue models are varied. On a random search this is an American football player:

This is my local rugby team, plastered with sponsors on the shirt:

This is how they interview coaches (look behind):

Then when you get ad breaks you get official show sponsors that are directly connected to the product and not just ad space:

Essentially the standard ad model on high rated free to air networks has been diminishing rapidly for several years.


Oh and I forgot this tactic:


They show little adverts on screen during the sports now. Soccer has lots of times when nothing much is happening. Advertisers will find a way.


Oh and I forgot one more obvious one:

Side hoardings, now electronic so they can switch products and even languages as the game goes on.


of course. but it is not artificially stopping play to sell us something.


Is that what the “TV breaks” you mentioned in ice hockey are?


For the most point. What happens usually is a whistle blows near a certain time(i.e @14 minute mark) and instead of getting right back to play, they go to commercial and make us wait for 3-4 minutes before play starts up again.


I would argue the NBA wouldn’t do better with fewer stoppages. Those breaks are also crucial for rest. Nobody wants to see LeBron or Steph Curry play fewer minutes, or play tired, because there are no natural opportunities for them to sit for a few minutes here and there.

I do think they could do more to speed up the ends of close games however.


Didn’t they even experiment with a sort of bluescreen-style technique for hoardings a while back that allowed different national broadcasters to show different ads tailored to their region?


Timeouts seem to last longer when they’re combined with TV adverts. I’d prefer to stay with the game during a timeout, which is what they do at the end of the game of course but too often they also cut for a quick commercial. I’d suggest banning all adverts in the last 5 minutes but then that could be the best part of an hour of gameplay!

I disagree though I think there’s maybe 1-2 too many timeouts during a game. They’re mostly used to stop momentum building and get the players to regroup, so they in theory might actually help games stay close, but then every time a team gets going the action is immediately stopped. You don’t really get more than 2-3 crowd pleasing plays in a row before the other coach cuts that shit out. Imagine they could go 5-6 in a row - it’d be euphoric.


Pfft ”tactic” :roll_eyes:
I used to hate doing the haka in school matches.
You’d be exhausted before kickoff.

Besides gar it’s tradition :wink:


My post had nothing to do with the Haka, didn’t even notice it was there. It’s the Guinness ad on the pitch.



Mark, as a side note, that dress flatters you well.


Yes I have seen in football coverage in the last year the side hoardings have been ‘CGI’ and switched to show local firms. I’ve seen an Aussie rugby game with a huge virtual ad above a stand like it’s a massive billboard but doesn’t really exist.


I do have the pins (legs) to pull it off.


Just to be clear, I do respect you for your mind.


Proving the power of subliminal advertising, Mark was downing a pint while composing his post.


Can confirm.

Side note