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This one with multiple languages is fun.


It’s all fun for me, I could watch Gareth Bale scoring amazing goals all day and night. :smile:

He has surpassed Ryan Giggs from our little country, the last challenge is John Charles who has a statue outside the Juventus ground and is still their best goal scorer ever after 60-70 years.





The Guardian has dedicated an entire article to Twitter darling and @garjones favourite, Nev Southall.


The Washington Capitals have won the Stanley Cup!

They lost game #1 to the Vegas Golden Knights but then proceeded to win games 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Would’ve been nicer to win on home ice, but it’s done.

Now the big question is do you fly home to the East Coast and party on the plane or do you party tonight in Vegas and sleep on the plane tomorrow?
I pick the latter…

Edit #1: and now a Russian (Ovechkin) will be invited to the White House.
I guess that’s a first?.. :smile:

Edit # 2: the Conn Smythe trophy (MVP of the playoffs) goes to Washington captain Alexander Ovechkin.

Edit # 3: Coach Barry Trotz has just hoisted the Cup. His contract is now up. Good on him, and hope he goes wherever he wants (as you’re left hung out to dry as a lame duck with no safety net).

Also, anyone remember they lost the first two games in round one at home to Columbus?
I did not think this moment would happen at that time.
(Think of Columbus having a 2-0 lead heading home for games 3 and 4.)

Last edit: search for video “Stanley Cup boobies on glass”
Safe. See where everyone’s eyes go…



I’m over the moon. It’s been such a long road for this franchise, and our city. I was 13 the last time the Washington football team brought home the Lombardi Trophy. It took an hour for me to settle down after the game last night, and I was (and am) exhausted. Even now, I can’t believe how great it was.

Second team in history to win the Cup after being down in every series. Think about that. What a gritty, tough, TEAM.

So proud of these boys, and every single one of them deserve it after the hockey they played starting in Game 3 against Columbus. Dear God, I cannot wait for the parade!


It was a hell of a way to win too! Enjoy the parade!


This is an inspiring story. Until 1993 all black players were banned from playing rugby in South Africa, the game that most represented the white ruling class, to the degree that the black population would support the opposition touring side.

In the 1995 World Cup (featured in the movie Invictus) they had one mixed race (or ‘coloured’ as the SA authorities at the time termed them, different to ‘black’) player in the 32 man squad.

Those numbers have been gradually increasing until tomorrow Siya Kolisi becomes their first black captain and so will be half the team. Also an individual story as he was raised so poor he went days without food and now he’ll be the most feted man in the land.

Siya Kolisi knows the meaning of what it truly is to suffer. As a small boy surviving in the township of Zwide near Port Elizabeth on South Africa’s east coast, he ate irregularly. His grandmother and young mother were unable to put food on the table every day. It was proper, aching hunger, something no child in the 21st century should have to experience.

Kolisi’s mother, Phakama, was 16 when Siya was born; his father, Fezakele, was in his final year of school. After giving birth to two more children from another relationship, Phakama died when Kolisi was 15 leaving his late grandmother, Nolulamile, to raise him.

“Times were tough when I was little and often there wasn’t food. I would go to bed starving,” Kolisi says. “Sometimes we didn’t have enough money to pay my primary school fees, which were only R50 (£3) a year.”


Really happy for you and my friend J.D. (another swamp critter). Even caught part of the previous game when the Caps were quite literally skating rings around the Vegas kids. Congrats!


What was amazing was watching the Caps get better through the first four games of the series. Then in Game 5 they faltered a bit, the puck luck shifted the other way, and they had to dig themselves out of a hole in the final period. And they did it. This is the same team that has wilted and watched puck luck go sideways on them so many times. Not once did I doubt them after watching this year’s campaign, and I was honestly okay with the idea of Vegas pulling out a win at home facing elimination, even though it would bring back all the bad memories of blown 3-1 leads in the second round.

Look at the milestones:

  • Jay Beagle became the first player to win ECHL, AHL, and NHL championships.
  • Braden Holtby didn’t even start the first two games of the playoffs! Then he shuts out the Bolts in Games 6 and 7 to get the Caps into the final, THEN he makes the save of his life in Game 3.
  • DC WINS for the first time in more than a quarter century! (Don’t talk to me about the United, most of us are vaguely aware of them)
  • Ovechkin cements his legacy as one of the all-time greatest.
  • Again, second team ever to win the Cup after being down in every series. The other team? '91 Pittsburgh. I kinda hate following the Pens in anything, but I’ll take it.
  • Kuzetsnov? A freaking stud. 32 points in the playoffs.
  • Lars Eller - first Danish player to win a Cup.

Too bad I have to be an Army guy this weekend. Otherwise, I’d in in constant drunk yelling at the moon mode.


That’s awesome. Very happy for you.

Happy for Ovechkin too. He needed that on his resume.
Next challenge: winning it again on home ice.


Warriors beat Cavs into submission to win Game 4, secure 3rd NBA championship in 4 years


Scotland beat England in one day international cricket!!!
Absolute scenes!!!
Watched it live and loved it!!



I’ve watched horse racing my entire life, as my dad was a huge fan of the horsies. There was a horse named Bugbrush I bet on as a kid, who rarely won but made me a kid fortune in Place bets. So I saw many, many races. Mud at the Derby, absolute London fog of epic proportions at Pimlico, and folks were saying Justify was a mudder. So the Belmont broke clean and sunny, and Justify took the race wire-to-wire! I have not seen such a dominant horse since Seattle Slew (with compliments to American Pharaoh, who had good runs).

Watch this! Smith is in red silks, on the rail.




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Fuck them!