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No but they are the same team that struggled in the regular season and nearly lost to Indiana. The Toronto series was the exception, not the rule.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the series came back to Boston 2-2 though.


I hope that happens, the crowing from Celtics fans is tiresome. They’re still going on about beating LeBron 10 years ago.

I wonder if Houston can remember how to beat the Warriors for the rest of their series or if they’re going to screw it up again. If they can steal a home game from them it’ll make the series very interesting. Though I suspect the Warriors will win both their home games. It’s amazing how much home court can matter.


Who is bragging about beating Lebron ten years ago? That is ridiculous.

The media seems to have already penciled the Celtics into the next round. I don’t like it. The Cavs haven’t even played a home game yet.


Football history made yesterday by Celtic, winning the domestic treble for a second consecutive year.

This Celtic team are nowhere near some of the hype that surrounds it, mostly from our own fans - as we will see in the champions league, of ee get thru the 4 qualifiers.

However it is still a remarkable achievement


Truth be told shouldn’t they have won it more in the years Rangers were sent down to the lower reaches?


There is an argument for that, yes, definitely.

However it’s not an easy thing to do, even if your resources are greater than the rest of the league - it means no slip up in the cups at all.

If rangers sign a couple of decent players next season and Dembele leaves Celtic it could be a lot closer next season.

Rodgers is overrated and he thinks his players are better than what they are, specifically Forrest, Griffiths, Boyata, Rogic, Mcgregor and Lustig - who have let Celtic down continually over the years when the chips were down.

Dembele raises the team well above its level


The Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!
I really wanted Winnipeg to win, and thought they deserved a better fate than losing in 5 games, but it seems like this Vegas team are for real.

Someone finally won a home game in the Eastern Finals. Tampa Bay now leads 3-2 and can wrap it up tomorrow night. Maybe Washington can win at home and force game 7.


When I think ice hockey “Tampa Bay vs Las Vegas” is the first thing that comes to mind.


And I was accused of sneering when Gretzky moved to L.A…

Another method humans use to sell water.


The Washington Capitals defeated Tampa Bay last night by a score of 4-0 and will play the Vegas Golden Knights for Lord Stanley’s Mug.

The only other time Washington was in the Cup Final was 1998 when they were swept 4 straight by Detroit.

Vegas General Manager George McPhee (GMGM!) was the GM for Washington from 1997-2014.

I gotta cheer for Washington here, hoping Ovechkin gets a Championship.

Game #1 of the Stanley Cup Finals goes Monday night.




Disappointed in the Caps’ result last night, but Stanley Cup Gazme 1 was certainly entertaining. All the talk about Vegas’ speed is the truth. Caps held their own, but are going to have to pick up their offensive pace to have a shot.


Warriors-Cavs in the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year. That seems too many. Once you get past the “best of three” angle it’s pretty boring. The ratings should be good as a lot of people only watch the finals and they’ll know all the players, but every hoops head I know is bummed out about it.


I can’t get over how Houston collapsed last night. The last two games have been some of the worst collapses I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible.

I really dislike the Warriors but they’re going to win another ring. I wonder if KD is happy or if he known his wins are hollow.

Harden to me is the only guy who’s close to LeBron, he can command a game like few others. But when under pressure LeBron thrives and Harden wilts. He’ll get MVP but he shouldn’t.


There are advantages to watching baseball. After the absconding Ianetta was having another night tanking it at the plate, in the bottom of the tenth with the bases loaded he finally managed to tap one in. I may be the only one who wishes he would go the hell back to Arizona. He just bothers me.


Tonight’s Giants at Rockies game (in progress - this is me twittering) featured the major league debut of one Dereck Rodriguez, pitcher. He replaced Jeff Smardzila (sp) in the 2nd, injury (shoulder). He got his first MLB strikeout. Gave up 1st hit. GOT his first MLB hit. And got whacked in the shin by a return ball, taking him out in the 5th.

Dereck is the son of Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez. I think he represented his daddy right well in one appearance, including sore shin!



‘Shit! Did you see that?’ Is always my favourite sports commentary ever. There’s a beautiful honest to it.