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I am not a Liverpool or a Gerrard Fan but i hope he can turn Rangers around so that the Scottish league can become a more attractive place to play and Celtic can get stronger in the Champions league.

Miqque, the pitcher’s nickname is Big Maple not Maple Tree.


All i know is the batters didn’t manage to lay any wood on him!


Neither am I, I’m a Cardiff City fan. :smile:


congratulations. I watched the Chelsea Huddersfield match and saw how happy Huddersfield was to secure their place in the 2018-2019 Premier League along with their biggest fan who was there to cheer them on.


It is something in football that really keeps your heart racing. The promotion and relegation stuff can’t be sustained in most sports but it’s incredibly exciting. Complete joy and heartbreak a single goal away.

The end of the game was rather surreal as Reading wanted a point to guarantee they’d stay up, we wanted one to guarantee we’d go up so effectively they stopped playing. Then the whistle went and it went nuts:


NHL Playoffs

The Eastern Finals starts Friday night and then every second night.
Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Washington Capitals

The Western Conference Finals starts Saturday.
Vegas Golden Knights will be on the road for games 1, 2, 5, & 7 against the winner of tonight’s game 7.

Currently the Winnipeg Jets have a 4-1 lead over the Nashville Predators.
Less than 3 minutes in 3rd.

No Winnipeg franchise has been past the second round.
Not the last one that turned into Phoenix/Arizona (they haven’t either), and not this one (nor their previous incarnation the Atlanta Thrashers).

5-1 Jets (empty net). 2:33 left.

Over now. Nashville was a good opponent, with a very good goaltender (Rinne), but he can look average at times (happened tonight) while Winnipeg’s Connor Hellebuyck was the better of the two in consistency and every department really.


I’ve gone to one Boston Celtics game in this playoff run, took my boy and saw them vanquish the Greek Freak in an incredible game in OT, and tomorrow I hear from a friend if I’m going on Sunday to see them take on Lebron in the conference finals. God help me I’m euphoric! Just had a 10 minute convo with the guy working at the gas station about how awesome it all is.



Exciting to see how this matchup goes down. LeBron is lucky Kyrie is hurt as full strength Celtics would crush Cleveland. As it stands we’ll see if e can force his will on Boston.

Playoffs have been excellent this year. Even though it’s the matchups we expected for the conference finals the drama up to this has been great.

Warriors are giving to win it all of course but we knew that a year ago.


Oh the Cavs will beat them pretty easily. Lebron is just on another level right now, better than he’s ever been and at a level few players have ever reached (the last one was Tim Duncan some 15 years ago). It’s like he unlocked the final powers in a video game and everyone else on the court is just a toy to him.

The Celtics got some nice reps against Giannis and the Sixers guys but he will make easy work of them.


Yeah, he’s clearly been taking care of himself and conditioning himself and the years of practice have made him a master of basketball in a way few people are. He’s as good at basketball as Tiger was at golf or Federer at tennis. He’s practiced every kind of shot, every kind of defense, he knows the floor layout every single play. If it were an individual sport he’d be untouchable right now. And every game it feels like he’s doing as little as he can in order to preserve himself, but when he needs to he steps up and takes control. Each win is just by a single shot but it feels like that’s by design - to win by more would only be a waste of his energy. It feels like he could win every single game if he wanted, but it would just drain him completely. It’s amazing to see someone who pads the regular season deliberately as he knows it doesn’t matter, and who doesn’t care about stats of regular season MVP’s he just focused on championships. His finals appearance run feels like it will never be matched.

He can’t beat the Warriors single handedly though. It’s amazing he’s got this far without Kyrie. I think if the Cavs can even get a game against the Warriors it’d be impressive. I really hope Lebron teams up with another power franchise for a few more years as he’s great for the sport and I’d like to see him get another ring or two.


No, he can’t beat the Warriors. Weirdly I think the Celtics would have a better chance since they are so good at closing out on shooters.

I shouldn’t say the Celtics have no chance against the Cavs. They are a far superior defensive team and that usually closes the talent gap in any sport.


Two recent stories have amused me. Playoff Genius Coach Brad Stevens gets no votes for Coach of the Year. Coach of the Year Winner Dwane Casey gets fired. Further proof of the meaningless of the regular season?


Government used to have a function; keeping people safe. Sports used to have a purpose; keeping people entertained (and reducing primal hunting urges). Now it’s politics in the worst sense; self-enrichment and ego gratification regardless of the venue.

I did say narcissism was pandemic!

Yeah, the Rockies lost. Ignominiously. Did you have to ask?


No. Brad Stevens should have gotten votes, it’s silly that he didn’t but the Celtics ended the regular season looking soft and turned things around in the playoffs after votes had come in. And Casey isn’t fired for his job performance, Toronto are simply desperate to find a way to beat LeBron and it’s the only move they have. They’re not content with just having a team play each season like most franchises are. I guess they think this is their window, their chance to win in this era. They need another player though, and I don’t see how they make that happen.


I’m going to be just horrible and say that the White Sox and the Reds are right where I like them - cellar dwelling! (Still haven’t forgiven Comisky or Schott - may have to get around to that one o’ these days.)

I do have to be happy for @rocket and @njerry and @alx - the NY teams are a lot of fun to watch this year. I’d hate to be an Oriole fan, though!


Celtics impressed today but the Cavs also played like shit and could hit nothing. I don’t know if they’re going to be that bad all playoffs.


No, but part of the reason the Cavs looked bad was because the Celtics made them look bad. They were always pretty poor on defense and the way the Celtics switch and close out on shooters, and don’t take possessions off, will make things very difficult for them.

I expect the Cavs to win on Tuesday, but it will be very difficult for them going beyond that.


Did you go to the game?

If Cleveland win game 2 I think they win the series. If they lose I think it’ll go seven games but don’t know if they can win game 7.


No, my friend I was planning to go with couldn’t make it. I think Mother’s Day threw a bit of a wrench of it.

It’s just as well. If it’s going to cost me a couple hundred dollars and a 4-hour round trip train ride then I’d prefer not to see a blowout and a crappy Lebron game, even if I’m happy with the results of the game.


Whatever’s going on with the Cavs they’re not the same team that beat Toronto. Maybe they win 2 at home and reset the series but it looks like they’re done, and I really don’t want to see this team get humiliated by the Warriors so maybe a loss will be the best thing for them.

LeBron must be thinking about packing his bags.