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It’s snowing now, rather heartily. I am happy. I hope it snows out tonight’s Rockies game. 13-5. Now, when the Foul Friars got 4 in the 1st, that was bad. When the Rockies tied at 4-4 bottom of the 1st, that was good. The additional 5-4 run was good. And that was all that was good.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


College basketball panel says ban cheats, end 1-and-done

The Commission on College Basketball sharply directed the NCAA to take control of the sport, calling for sweeping reforms to separate pro and college tracks, permit players to return to school after going undrafted by the NBA and ban cheating coaches for life.


This is my favorite local commercial at the moment:


NHL playoffs first round is complete.

Ah Toronto. I stopped my hatred of you (and that East-West bullshit) a while back. Came to the conclusion that hatred does not help me, my team, anything, or anyone. I may get that passionate hate on at times, but let go when it’s not that in-the-now passion. Anger for anger’s sake (when you almost forget why, or the opponent was beaten down a while ago) is just stupid and solves nothing.
Honestly was wishing you’d win your series (and it looked good leading into the 3rd period), but game 7 goes to Boston.

And now Canada’s hope for the Stanley Cup rests with the Winnipeg Jets, who honestly had the better chance going in.

For those that don’t know, or have forgotten, the last Canadian team to hoist Lord Stanley’s Mug was the 1993 Montreal Canadians.

Of note; Canada had a streak of 11 Cups out of 15 from 1976 - 1990.
The only US team in that stretch was the NY Islanders 4 straight (1980-83).
'91 & '92 was Pittsburgh, so 12 Cups out of 18 before the drought.

Since Montreal won in 1993 (over LA Kings w/Gretzky), Canadian teams runs have been:

1994 - Vancouver Canucks lose to the NY Rangers (in 7 games)
2004 - Calgary Flames lose to the Tampa Bay Lightning (in 7 games)
2006 - Edmonton Oilers lose to the Carolina Hurricanes (in 7 games)
2007 - Ottawa Senators lose to the Anaheim Ducks (in 5 games)
2011 - Vancouver Canucks lose to the Boston Bruins (in 7 games)

Now it’s 25 years later, and someone has to stop this jinx.
I actually do like Winnipeg, and they have an awesome team.
The time is now, but they will be meeting my other favorite to win it all (the Nashville Predators) in the second round (and the winner is guaranteed nothing but more abuse for two more rounds if they make it).


This is part of what I love about sport. The weekend John Muldoon plays rugby in his last game for the Irish province Connacht. He’s played for them for 15 years, gained only 3 Ireland spots, only won one trophy.

He’s not the best player, just the one every team wants and needs.


My Winnipeg takes game #1 (in Nashville!) by a score of 4-1.

Was going to say they looked good doing it (and they did),
but game stats have Winnipeg with 19 shots on goal and only winning 34% of face-offs.
Nashville had 48 shots on goal and winning 66% of face-offs.
Game 1 be damned, if those stats stay the same then a 7 game series will go to Nashville.
Game 2’s response is huge.

The winner of that series will face the winner of the the San Jose and Vegas series, and some are calling a victor.
Vegas destroyed San Jose last night 7-0. Yes, game #1.
I am guilty of not believing in Vegas. Like, how can they be together as a team? A real playoff contending team? They’re doing it, and killing with team speed.

Still can’t wrap my head around it. I’m stuck in “sucks that after that season one of either Winnipeg or Nashville will be out”, and that’s before the reality that the victor will have a tough time.

There is a way of thinking that this is not good for Vegas, or (to be specific) the fanbase.
This is normal. I repeat, normalcy for them is challenging for the President’s trophy all season, and then winning in the playoffs. They don’t know sucking, rebuilding, nothing.

A Cup in the first season could destroy them.
(Yup, just typed that, stared at it, won’t say how long. I’ll leave it in. Possible abuse coming my way…)
Or they will always be better than the franchises that never got one, and you could never take it away from them…


Just a positive bit of fun ( I suspect he was rather unchallenged for his try).


the Avs won a cup in their first season in Colorado and their fan base did not abandon them afterwards. We just blamed Detroit and Dallas for why Avs did not win every year :sunglasses:

My view of the Knights is they have very experienced and smart people running the franchise and they got some real advantages other expansion franchises did not have in the draft. Combine that with a team full of players with chips on their shoulders and a desire to prove people wrong. I believe PIT severely underestimated how much Fleury had left in the tank. A hot goaltender who knows what it takes to win a cup goes a looong way in the playoffs.

I am also rooting for WPG. I have always loved Paul Stasny and will always root for him as long as it is not against the Avs. and How can you root against a Viking like Laine.


Heckuva May the 4th!

The Mets fired Matt Harvey, so they let the Rockies pound on them. Oh, they regained a bit of stability, but lost to the Rocks 8-7.

Meanwhile in an appropriate and too-seldom-seen scenario; the Los Angeles Dodgers no-hit the Padres. That can happen more often! The game was also played in Monterrey, Mexico - making the term “World Series” a bit more valid (what with the Blue Jays).

First, Albert Pujols singled to right field in the fifth inning of the Angels’ 5-0 win at Seattle, collecting hit No. 3,000. A bit later, the Dodgers completed a combined no-hitter, which saw four pitchers – led by starter Walker Buehler – shut down the Padres in a 4-0 victory in Monterrey, Mexico.

And in a note to friends Brian and Elizabeth; the Kansas City Royals managed to pull out a win. Good for them!


Thrilling stuff in the snooker semi-final.



Yeah, but hockey watchers knew what the Quebec Nordique were about to become (maybe), and there was a history there.

On the Fleury thing, I agree, but I also agree with the decision to ask him to waive his no-trade/no-movement clause. Have to go with youth, especially when no one picks him first overall in a re-do. He got real lucky in his career (but he did do it, and has the experience that goes along with that).

Brian Burke got fired as President of the Calgary Flames, and is now an analyst on Canadian TV (Sportsnet & CBC).
He said this year has been an oddity that you cant predict anything, series or games. No way to know what will happen. I agree.

Vegas has a 3-2 series lead. Can wrap it up in San Jose Sunday.
I figure SJ forces game 7.

Tampa has a 3-1 series lead over the Bruins. Could be over Sunday.

Washington has a 3-2 series lead over Pittsburgh, and can win it at home Monday.
I rolled my eyes after they lost the first two games against Columbus in the first round (at home!), yet here they are.

What the F!!! did I just watch? Winnipeg had a 1-0 lead in second period, then it’s tied a minute and something later, as Nashville starts showing they will take over and that game over/lights out feeling for Winnipeg is happening.
Winnipeg scores against the flow, and proceeds to score again and again.
6-2 final, and now Winnipeg can wrap up the series at home Monday night.

Yes, I am hoping for a Winnipeg (Laine) and Washington (Ovechkin) final.
Any combination of events can occur.


I can see your desire for Winnipeg but Vegas is going to be very tough. Also can the kids for Winnipeg show enough restraint while in Sin City?

I have a friend who is a season ticket holder for the Bolts so my pick would be TB and VGK. I also like the theme of ‘Rangers South’ with the Ryans, JT, Girardi, and Stralman.

One thing that somewhat irritates me is how they call Vegas the 2nd inaugural team with success in playoffs. The 67-68 Blues are in the record books only because their entire conference were made up of inaugural teams. Vegas is the first ‘true’ expansion team to have this kind of success.


2nd inaugural team? Has everyone forgotten the 1918 Toronto Arenas? The first team to win 2 playoff rounds in their first year.

I wouldn’t have known that if they didn’t print it on the paper this morning…


As was the final few frames of the final.


I like Williams and I’m happy to see him win.

Did you see that he followed through on his promise to do the press conference naked if he won?




Ha! I missed that. “Nothing too interesting happens after the match” is what I said as I changed channels!


Oops, i did not know that either. Well, we won’t see a 3 time winner this year. (GOOD)


it is the end of an era for the EPL. Steven Gerrard to coach Glasgow Rangers and Wayne Rooney comes stateside to play for DC United.


Rooney will do fine playing his last couple of seasons in MLS. I’d expect a fair few goals.

Gerrard is a bigger question, quite a gamble to see if he can coach. It has worked in the past with the likes of Kenny Dalgleish (and it’s a bit of a shame Hillsborough messed with his head or he could have been a long termer like Wenger or Ferguson). There are more failures than successes though of recent star players taking the head job.


There have already been three no-hitters this season; and what makes it special is that each took place in a different country! One here, one in Monterrey Mexico when three Dodgers no-hit the Padres; and one in Canada by a Blue Jays pitcher called the Maple Tree.

There is also a battle going on for cellar-dwellers between the Royals and Reds. Very bad teams! (Miami, too, after trading away last year’s players.)