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Watched part of that on GameDay (the MLB graphics thingy). Didn’t see any notes about the crowd, but not at all surprised.


I recall being in San Francisco in the summer of 2008 and deciding on a whim to go see the Athletics playing (I think) the Brewers over in Oakland. We arrived just before first pitch, bought tickets at the box office, and found ourselves sharing a whole seating section with a family of four, right along the 3rd base line. 2008 was not a good year for the A’s




Oh, I’ve wished them worse a time or two. I’ve been to many a game in Dodger Stadium, when it’s jam-packed (How can all the seats be full and still be a huge queue in the loo?) and when it’s near-empty. There was one night Hideo Nomo was pitching and Gloriosky! I had a nice seat one tier up on the first base side, right where the lights were tight in my eyes, Now, that particular night some marketing genius came up with the (literally) bright idea of giving out free flashlights. The idea being, in the seventh-inning stretch, everybody would light up their flashlights and it would be all pretty in Chavez Ravine.

To this story must be added two critical elements. The game was against the visiting San Francisco Giants, and there has been team, city and quite frankly personal enmity between these factions since the Dawn of Creation. San Francisco had recently had their own giveaway night when the Dodgers visited, giving away souvenir baseballs. Real ones. This resulted in the Dodgers on field being pelted with dozens if not hundreds of free souvenir gift baseballs causing the players to depart in rage and frustration, and a long, long game delay whilst many balls were removed from the field and a number of amatuer pitchers in the stands being removed and/or arrested.

They did not learn. On this hot, almost sultry Los Angeles night, nine o’clock or so but with the sun just down and probably ninety degrees, Hideo Nomo tornadoed his body about pitching a really fine game. That was about when the crowd discovered that the gift souvenir flashlights all came with guest souvenir batteries. D cells. Two of them. Each.

Which is about when the hated San Francisco Giants took the field. At first it was only the single amatuer pitcher, testing his arm (always some guy) to see if a flung battery was a viable option. According to the sociological principle of behavioral contagion, this was an instant learning opportunity for all other amatuer hurlers in the crowd who all just happened to be armed with small perfectly-sized-and-weighted hurling materiel. It went Biblical. The stoning began.

One player got bopped over an eye. Shirts were removed in the stands - sometimes by someone other than the owner of said shirt. It was a very crowded night. First, some people did not receive the free flashlights, and were angry about it. Second, it was one of those nights the stands were full and the lines to the bathrooms were long, and people were angry about it. Third, the people who got the free flashlights and turned them into impromptu missile warfare realized they had just thrown away most of their free gift, and the remainder was quite useless without the flung batteries. Chaos ensued, of course.

I’d include a citation, but apparently the interwebs have been reset and nothing happened before 2011.


I would tell that story. Right now (and I’m basically under a blackout except GameDay) all Hell has broken loose at the Rockies game with San Diego visiting. Multiple ejections, before the first pitch maybe. Rocks justs scored a bunch. The battle is engaged.

MINUTES LATER: Okay, Arenado got HBP on purpose; and many have been beaned in this series. He pulled a Ventura and charged the mound. Both teams ready, benches clear. Almost calm, Marquez set off Round Two. I expect more to come. Rocks now 4-0.



I was channel hopping and that game was on ESPN here in the U.K. I was amazed at how empty the stadium appeared.


The Seattle group (Bruckheimer and others) has named Tod Leiweke President and CEO for it’s prospective NHL team.
I guess it’s a lock for October 2020.



This is going to be a real headache for people.


This actually happens not that rarely. Sportsmen and woman from very poor countries get sent to compete at in developed countries and disappear.

A few years back a Wales youth team hosted an African team (my memory fails me on which one) and after they game they got changed walked out of the stadium and disappeared. A Senegal team in France got on their bus and did the same about 7 years ago.


Same thing happened at the commonwealth games here a few years ago. My dad was coaching some of the England throwers and spoke to a few athletes from very poor countries who were planning on “disappearing”.


I think this is the final commgames medal table

My apologies to India who I left out of my projections. Haven’t looked into what they won yet but you would have to say about bloody time they made an impact! (1 billion people and all!)


Oh and apparently the only table that matters to anyone in NZ


Yeah after all that discussion NZ did win the men’s game.

Tactically they timed it right. They put out a bunch of kids in HK last week and conceded 50 to Fiji’s full side. Just watched the CG final and Fiji looked tired.


The woman’s game was exhausting to watch. I actually had sympathy for the aussies!


They were somewhat their own worst enemies, I don’t know why they kicked it off the field to go into extra time when they had possession. They also threw some wild passes when they didn’t really need to.


I’ll take it!


How can New Zealland get two medals in one event? :confused:

Edit: never mind, just realised there’s men’s and women’s events :blush:


You need to work on that habit of replying before you read all the posts, like the next 3 or 4 when Mark and I were discussing the women’s final. :smile:


I should imagine @alx and @njerry are happy with the New York teams performances of last night. I’m also happy about the Rockies.

And, of all people, the Avalanche! Back in the playoffs after some bad years!


Was just going to say how awesome that tying goal was, then the Avalanche scored again!

Edit to add:
Fuck I enjoyed that. The Colorado Avalanche have forced game #6.
That goalie Hammond is damned good.

Also Edit:
The Winnipeg Jets moving on is very cool, all the better to do it at home in game 5 and do the authority thing by leading 4-0 after the first period.

Vegas keeps the OMG season going with a sweep.
Philly stayed alive tonight.

San Jose sweeps Anaheim.
The way San Jose re-invents themselves every so often is interesting. Never sucking, but can they be more than a gatekeeper…